Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good news, I'm a hypochondriac

So get this! Ol' numero 30 (I had it wrong, it was 30 not 29) is fine! Ship shape! A-okay! The dentist who was 112 but very nice blew cold air on it and banged it with an instrument and even x-rayed it and everything's going gangbusters for that little molar. Apparently he thinks it was just tooth sensitivity! JUST TOOTH SENSITIVITY! He even felt my glands and listened to my jaw with a stethoscope. He also complimented my bite a few times and I thought he was nearly going to jump out of his chair with delight when I mentioned retainers in passing. Did I bring them, he wanted to know. Regrettably I didn't, I had to tell him, and at the time I was like "yeah, how silly of me not to have brought my retainers!" however now that I'm back home and away from shelves of plaster teeth moldings and more diplomas and awards and honors than you can imagine, including an autographed picture from Frank Sinatra and some shots of the Pope (he's a very decorated dentist. Perhaps he invented retainers), it's occurring to me that I never would have thought to bring them. In fact, the last time I took them anywhere was when I first got them and left them (in their case) in the car of this guy I had a crush on which made me want to die. Sadly, that wouldn't be the most embarrassing item I'd leave behind.


Joe said...

There's nothing like going to a doctor or dentist and finding out you DON'T have to have any work done!

Maybe you should post a picture of your retainer on your blog so the next time you're out and about and someone asks to see it, you can point them here.

Yeah, the Pope has really nice teeth. I can see why the dentist has a picture of him on the wall - probably to use as a model when he works on people. I'd kill to have a Benedict XVI smile!

Ted from Accounting said...

You're lucky Rosen!

I've been blessed with perfect teeth my entire life...never had braces either!

I'm curious how you always end up with these dentists who work on there some place in the phone book to find dentists for important people like you?

I have to work tonight but should be home just in time to see RE...look forward to your appearance!

Rbastid said...

Well thats good to hear atleast. In a ironic twist while eating froasted Mini Wheats before going to sleep last night I chomped down on my tongue bar and I thought I fractured one of my teeth.

Sometimes the doctors go a bit over board with the wall boasting. My Plastic Surgeon had pictures of all cleft lipped children she worked on, nothing like looking at a kids face and seeing his brains.

Rbastid said...

Oh and I hope when Beedict XVI shows up he gets his whitening with Pope-alescense whitener and gets his Biblecuspits checked.

Oh I just crack me up *someone please end my suffering* lol

Brett Jones said...

I'm changing the subject again, but since there is no direct line to you I'll pass this info on here.

"A Rosen By Any Other Name" is the fourth most populated group at the Activity Pit with the regular cast being the only RE people above you. You're also 4 members short of the magic 300 number.

I guess it's official, you're the most loved of all the RE guests.

"The Reich Stuff !!!" with it's single member and somewhat burdensome name is dead last, hence most hated.