Monday, July 07, 2008

Behold this awesomeness

As some of you may know, I've been blogging about the New Yorker cartoons I'd draw if I drew cartoons for the New Yorker and I even mentioned one of them on Red Eye. Someone named ShamrockRepublic made the following and posted it on The Activity Pit. Yay for me and my beauteous thoughts! (Thanks Shamrock!)


Rbastid said...

Now for you to break into the office of the New Yorker and stick this in their little magazine.

So Alison, wanna take this offline? Oh Damn I'm Smooth.

Ted from Accounting said...

I bet you are like a proud mother to see that! Nice job Shamrock!

Damn you have the best fans in the world!

Joe said...


I saw that drawing on the Pit a few days ago and thought it was great! Good job Shamrock!

Alison, you get 3 points off for failing to spell check :o)

I should talk... I've probably left hundreds of misspellings here, as well as using not too good English.