Thursday, June 12, 2008

That's between me and my underwear

Someone reached this blog by searching "how old is your underwear." I don't normally post about the search terms people are clicking on to get here since they're all some combination of "alison rosen" and "hot," however... okay fine, that's a slight exaggeration. Sometimes they are "alison rosen" and "nude." Once they were "alison rosen" and "rutabaga." Also, once they were "alison rosen" and "pregnant" which gave me quite a scare, but then I remembered that there's a famous fertility doctor who shares my name. Maybe people are wanting to see her hot and nude? And then sometimes people want to read about puppies or getting their wisdom teeth out without general anasthesia, which I do and don't recommend.

But back to the underwear. Mine are a few hours old, thank you very much. I mean, probably they were born in a sweatshop in Vietnam ages ago, but to me they are a few hours old.

Also, tonight I am on Red Eye with Greg Proops, whom I interviewed about nine years ago when he was hosting this shortlived game show called VS. I interviewed him for the "Random Notes" section of Rolling Stone because Jani Lane of Warrant was on the show as was Terri Nunn of Berlin. The show used to pit something against something and I think it was hair bands vs... I forget. But sort of like Lewis Black's Root of All Evil. But a game show. Anyway, I thought he was funny then and I think he's funny now. I want to tell him about how I actually met him years ago however he'll be on remote and I'll be in the studio and I bet I won't have time. Sort of like how if he and I were in a production of H.M.S. Pinafore and we were in a bunch of scenes together it might appear that we interacted but really we might not get a chance to catch up because we'd be too busy, um, battening hatches and singing. Granted there would be rehearsals, but this isn't like that. It's more like a spontaneous Gilbert & Sullivan musical without the singing. So I guess what I'm trying to say is Greg Proops, if you happen to read this, perhaps by searching your name or "Alison Rosen" and "H.M.S. Pinafore," I totally met you once a billion years ago.


Joe said...

I'd like to know how searching on "how old is your underwear" brings up your blog. That's a nice little trick.

I just read your entry about having your wisdom teeth out. I had a similar experience several years ago. I had local anesthesia too so there wasn't any pain, but it felt like the oral surgeon was pulling my whole cheekbone out through my mouth. He told me some people can't stand that feeling and have to be knocked out.

Greg Proops is great. "Whose Line Is It Anyway" always cracks me up. I think Greg and Ryan Stiles are the best pereformers, although all of them are good. Wayne Brady amazes me with the way he can think up song lyrics on the spot. He's a natural talent.

Should be a great Red Eye tonight. Have fun, Alison!!

Anonymous said...


" I want to watch tonight's Red Eye, but my girlfriend urged me to watch the new Narnia movie at the same time it's showing. Perhaps I will just replace Aslan the Lion's head with that of Andy Levy's head and Prince Caspian's head with that of Bill's head so when it gets bitten off by the lion and blood rushes out, it will look no different than when Bill gets his usual on-the studio periods making the whole thing seem like I'm watching both the movie and the show at the same time !!!!!

----Fat Star Wars Kid (

Ted from Accounting said...

Quote of Alison's Underwear and Ted B. Goodlove, "Have a great show tonight!"

I'll eventually get back to my normal blog routine but when your putting together multi-billion dollar business deals, time management can be a problem!

Kick some ass AMR!

brett said...

Holy golden cow....

Are you snorting crank this afternoon?

That digital stream of consciousness I just read felt like a freight train blasting past me.

Whoo Rah for you being on RE tonight.

Rbastid said...

Didn't expect to see your name at the bottem of the Maxim article this month after the "She's too hot to be mad at" line. They need to give you a nice 5 pager to fill up with hilarity.

Toddrod said...

After reading yet another blog about Alison's underwear, I decided to goof around and read Alison's very first blog post here. I then realized that her first blog was made on June 4, 2004. Alison's been blogging about her underwear and other stuff for 4 years now. She really needs a date.


Joe said...

Was Greg really sick last night? He had the bottle of Pepto-Bismol on the set and he mentioned being sick a couple of times. Maybe he had some of those bad tomatos that seem to be popping up all over the place.

You looked GREAT Alison! I loved the earrings too. Good show overall. You and Bill were really funny. That poor little kid in China - why does it seem like those kind of weird deformities always happen in China and India?

I see the caveman (Jonathan Hoenig) is back on tonight. I know I shouldn't make fun of him, but I'll tell you - if I ever need to make a fire with a couple of sticks, he's the guy I'm calling.

Be careful - it's Friday the 13th! I used to work with a woman who was very supersticious. She usually scheduled vacation days on Friday the 13ths.

alison said...

Indeed, he was really sick. He had a little garbage can on the floor in front of him in case he needed to barf. I told him that if he barfed then I'd eat it and then I'd barf. Then I stopped because I didn't want to make him sicker. My humor can have that effect. In fact I think I'm making myself a little sick right now.

Ted from Accounting said...

I usually love me some Rosen in Da Morning but after reading your last comment and THROWING UP on my keyboard, I may wait until breakfast has been fully digested from now on.

A really good Red Eye! You were beautiful, funny and I couldn't help but think during the Mrs. G / Rosen split screens that you were thinking damn that women is only 20 fans behind me on the AP!

I love how Greg teases you about the "self proclaimed" part! Anyway, I could go on and on about how great you did / are but we wouldn't want your head to get to big!

Have a great weekend!

Tom said...


Saw you on Red Eye last night... You're not on nearly enough anymore. That said, you were too thinly veiled in your agreement with the anti-Republican nerdy sex ad. Here's the deal: Republicans love sex as a rule, they are just sure enough of themselves that they don't feel the need to tell the rest of the free world that they like it, achieve it, are good at it. Insecure people create ads like that because they constantly need to reassure themselves that they are just the bomb-ass coolest in the crowd and always on the cutting edge of social supremacy. Y'okay, whatever. More importantly, you are still without question the prettiest, smartest, funniest and sexiest of the women who grace the Red Eye experience.

Rock on baby,