Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Screen cap? Sure, why not

(courtesy of Joe who posted this on The Activity Pit)


Joe said...

I had two good laughs the last couple of days watching game shows.

The first was on Family Feud and the question was, "Name something that women find attractive about cowboys." So the woman hits the button and yells out "Stirrups!"

The second was on a game show I've never seen before. Two families were competing against each other for prizes. The father in one family was really smart, got most of the answers, and made it into the final round.

So now they're going for the grand prize and the question is, "The Wright Brothers flew the first airplane at Kitty Hawk. In what state is Kitty Hawk?"

The father had to answer the question, so I figured it's in the bag. But the guy is taking a lot of time to answer, so I start yelling at the TV, "North Carolina! North Carolina!"

Finally the father leans towards the microphone, pauses again, and says... "Pennsylvania."

Now even if you don't know where Kitty Hawk is, doesn't everyone kinda know they were by the ocean where there's a strong wind?


Occasionally I'm smarter than someone else. Not often, but occasionally.

Anonymous said...


adrian said...

best part of this post: as is stands right now right screencap you is giving new screencap you the side eye. As in "who is this new chick stealing my thunder. . ."

Joe said...

If you like dreaming of great places to go on vacation, Travel & Leisure Magazine has a slideshow of the world's best new hotels for 2008. Here's the link: tinyurl.com/3u3pnw

My favorite is La Purificadora in Puebla, Mexico (#24). Here's a link with more pics of that hotel: tinyurl.com/4ejyjr

Check out staircase in the lobby and the pool!

Ahhhh.. what one could do if one had a lot of money!

Ted from Accounting said...

I'm nominating this for the "Screen Capture of the Year" Award!

Joe said...

Ted, I agree. I thought that was an especially good picture of Lois.

Ted from Accounting said...

I'm sure I've missed something important but I have no clue who Lois is!?!?!!?

However, AMR is beautiful in that pic! You are the blog A/V guru Joe!

Joe said...

Greg mentioned last night there will be a Celebrity Rehab 2. I checked online and found out it will be on in October.

The celebrities will be Rodney King, Sean Stewart, Gary Busey, Nikki McKibbon, Amber Smith, Tawny Kitaen, Steven Adler - and a return visit from Jeff Conaway.

It also says Busey has been sober for 13 years (does anyone believe that?) and will join the cast to share his experiences and thoughts on the recovery process.

Oh, THAT should be interesting.

Joe said...

Ted, I mentioned in Alison's previous Starbucks post that she looks more like a Lois than an Alice (which is what the Starbucks Barista called her.)

OK - she doesn't really look like either a Lois or an Alice. But I just realized this morning that "Alison" contains all the letters in "Lois". Weird.