Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Now I can finally get a pet penguin

Air conditioner not actual size

It's officially too cold in my room! I can die now! And if I did, I bet I'd leave behind a refrigerated corpse that wouldn't even begin to smell for a long time, that's how cold it is in here.

But how, how did I manage to achieve such coldth? I considered asking many of my strapping man friends to help me install my A/C and then I called up Eddie from the hardware store. 65 dollars later I'm officially not dying of the heat! Hooray!

(note: "help" in this scenario means install it for me while I stand there)


Anonymous said...

Quote of the happy feet:

" My jailed son sure would like to feel the same breeze in your apartment room if you know what I mean ......"

------Hulk Hogan

Joe said...

Tobey will be so jealous if you get a pengiun.

"...while I stand there"... so it sounds like you were the Installation Supervisor. Congratulations! If you had a clipboard and pencil, you would have been the Installation Manager. But as IM you would have been responsible for site safety, insurance and bonding, and adherence to all OSHA and ASSE requirements - not to mention meeting payroll, FICA, FUTA and 401K requirements.

Phew... you really had a tough day!

My A/C needs to be recharged, but I was thinking of going this year without it. Some years up here it only gets in the 90s once or twice the whole summer. But then some years it gets really hot.

Since they're predicting pretty warm temps this weekend already, I'm starting to think this year might be a hot one.

Rbastid said...

If it gets too cold just turn your heat up and everything will be back to normal, or you'll create a tornado, inwhich case you can rake in all that Federal aide them midwesterners get.

Maybe you'll be able to be on Mythbusters or in Popular Mechanics, be like a little bloggin Zeus, but with wind instead of lightning.....its not that much of a stretch.

Joe said...

Air conditioner picture: Sweeeeeeeeeet!!!

Since your place is like a meat locker now, can I drop off a few things? Let's see.. I've got some rib roasts, flank steaks, top round steaks, tenderloin roasts, baby back ribs, a half dozen whole chickens, 14 chicken breast quarters, three 16-pound turkeys, some veal rib roasts, at least 7 cornish hens and a few crested argus pheasants.

I'll probably have to make 2 trips.