Sunday, June 15, 2008

I believe in a separation of church and band-aids

"Thanks for shopping at Duane Reade. You have a blessed day." That's what the check out person at Duane Reade said to me today after ringing up my purchase of band-aids and Aveeno Creamy Baby Wash. (I like to wash myself with creamy babies.) It was kind of jarring, for want of a better word. Then again, today is Sunday. Is this a special Sunday thing? Does she suit her salutation to the day of the week? Actually, I move that from now on clerks work the day of the week into their greeting because it can be hard to remember what day of the week it is. Also, they should say the time. They should basically just time-stamp their chatter. Like "Thanks for shopping at Duane Reade on Monday at 4:34."

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Joe said...

That's pretty funny!

It's unusual for a checkout person to wish someone a "blessed day" - especially to a customer who doesn't believe in angels :o)

Maybe she thought you were injured. Were you bleeding at the time?

Occasionally a customer wishes me a blessed day or something similar. Usually it's an employee at a religious retreat or some place like that.

Walk with God today, Alison!