Thursday, June 05, 2008

At the gym; spin class

I'm taking a spin class and I'm early so I decided to read some of the instructional posters on the wall and I'm reading about foot eagles and putting your feet in foot eagles which I'm assuming are the little foot holder things attached to the pedals. It's dark in here though and really I'm reading about foot cages, I just realized. It makes so much more sense but I liked them better when I thought they were inexplicably called foot eagles.

It smells like tennis in here.

Everyone's now pedaling but the instructor isn't here yet. Hm.

Wait, now it smells like a hair salon.
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Rbastid said...

Hmmm based on your description i'll now assume someone decided to play tennis on the Q train today, cause it sure smelled like someone had a workout in there.

You should annoy the hell out your class and before you start just keep asking the instructor questions on the basics of spinning and foot eagles.

Toddrod said...

Everything that's old is new again!


P.S. Hope you had a good work out little girl.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the Gym:

" While ALison is in the gym, I'm eating all of her food, watching her TV, and surfing (OLD TYMER WORD, SOOOO OUTDATED) her computer. She doesn't know a single clue unless I post this in her blog which I'm very sure won't happen. Wow, Julia Alison surely does have a good taste in ancedotes......

------ED "Evicted" McMahon

Ted from Accounting said...

At first I was like, "what is this spin nonsense that she speaks of?" Then I realized, shit if you actually went for a jog around the block, you might be crushed by a falling a/c unit!

Spin away you cute lil spinster!