Friday, May 09, 2008

Thoughts I have while working at home during the day

If my window is open and I hear someone in another apartment across the way sneezing, should I lean my head out and yell "bless you"?


Rbastid said...

Try putting your head out the window and yelling "Shut that damn armadillo up"

Your blog has become the only thing keeping me from locking myself in the telephone closet next to me and going to sleep.

Toddrod said...

You can hear your neighbors sneeze in their apartments?!? Yet another reason for me not to live in Manhattan! Yeah, I know how much you like it there, but I bet when you get to your 40s you start dreaming of the lovely open privacy of the I-405 freeway. That place is true privacy.


Anonymous said...

You get full credit for it because you thought of it.


Ted from Accounting said...

Well, that would be the polite thing to do! You might add for them to cover their face as well!