Saturday, May 10, 2008

Clips from Red Eye on May 1

The editing in this video isn't amazing. I'll have to bring that up to my videographer whose name is Alison Rosen but clearly it's some other Alison Rosen, not this one, because this one is far too busy being important. (Also, yes, Greg had something on his face. It was makeup from a joke about Red Eye now broadcasting in HD.)


Ted from Accounting said...

That was even better the 2nd time around! You were on fire during that show!

Loved it when you told off Sherrod!

Anonymous said...

Quote for the clip:

"I wish I could watch Red Eye but sadly it's on HD."

----Mark (Magnovox owner)

Toddrod said...

Is it just me, or do you wear that same blouse everywhere you go? I think you were seen at the gym in that blouse on Wednesday. It's a very nice blouse though.


Joe said...

I was just watching Andy on F&F. He's doing a great job, but they either need to change his makeup or he needs to spend 30 seconds in the sun every day.

I briefly caught Greg on Hannity & The Cryptkeeper last night too. The Red Eye ppl are making a lot of appearances these days (which is great!) It will be interesting seeing you on Chelsea Handler's show in a couple of weeks, Alison. I've only seen her show a couple of times, but Chelsea is smart and pretty funny.

Well, I have some errands to run today. First I'll be flying to Myanmar (aka Berma) to help with relief efforts. Then it's on to Merrakesh to visit some friends.

The next stop is Moscow to meet with Vladimar Putin - apparently he has some foreign policy questions. Finally, I'll be going to Majorca to advise the Spanish Royal Family on tourism.

Hopefully I'll make it home in time for dinner. I hate it when I miss dinner.

alison said...

I've only worn the blouse twice. I wore it on Red Eye and then on Fox & Friends. It kind of looks similar to the one I was wearing on the Red Eye where I was waving in the back of Halftime Report though, but see, that one is light blue, more a periwinkle or cornflower blue and this one is light green, more a mint or seafoam or, what I thought when I first saw it "hospital green." In real life I prefer dark colors but on TV the light ones "pop" apparently. Pop is a very TV word, btw.

Don Allen said...

Well, the main thing is that they nailed your hair last time. It was the perfect balance between the poofy look and the flat look.

Is Sherrod Small really as annoying as he seems? He's funny, but obnoxiously loud at times. Maybe that's his whole thing. I haven't ever seen him apart from Red Eye, so I wouldn't know.