Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Norma is having trouble sleeping. Some people are in love. For how long? Norma knows but can't believe it. Visine advanced relied eye drops help refresh, soothe and something else your eyes. This is what I gleaned from watching telemundo for the past seventeen minutes. Que lastima!
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Anonymous said...

Speaking of t.v. I was watching something last night, can't remember, but this huge storm came over-head and it was pretty tumultuous. There was a power-outage to boot. I was remimded of something someone told me when I was growing up. When it rains that means God is crying. When there is lightening, that means he his bowling, and the thunder means he bowled a strike. Well, in my minds eye he must have bowled a 300. Now I have to go clean-up the collateral damage the storm left-behind. By that I mean my plants and my neighbor's plants were turned over. In closing, God must have been pretty said last night. At least in my neck of the woods.


Ted from Accounting said...

amo su pelo grande!!!!!

Toddrod said...

Telenovelas is the greatest export from south of the border. I am so happy that I don't speak Spanish because if I did, the sexiness of those shows would totally be lost.