Sunday, May 18, 2008

Obama was in my dream

First we were hanging out in my parents' room in the house I grew up in but I worried we'd be bothering my parents so I suggested we go to my room. On the way there I passed my mom and said, "Just hanging out with my presidential friend." Later Obama asked me for money and then took out a little notepad with tons of scribbling on it. I asked what the money was for and he said it was for Christmas—apparently he had to buy gifts. I said I was surprised, I expected he would say he needed it for the campaign. Then we laughed.

Completely unrelated, doesn't "The Preakness" sound like some kind of disease?


Anonymous said...

Quote of the presidential campaign:
(If the other comment brought a tumultous uproar, here's another one for the sensitive heart.)

----"Are you making fun of me Alison for the tragedy that happened to me in the previous horse race.

---- Sarah Jessica "Greg's UNicorn"

Don Allen said...

Is it bad that I'm jealous?

Brett said...

So it's tall, dark, handsome and a pair of huge round ears that tickles your subconscious...

Oddly enough I had a dream about you a week ago or so. Nothing unseemly just a bit strange in only the way dreams can be. I was in a house and I had to move you from one room to another. We didn't speak to each other, and you never moved, but I don't think you were a statue in the dream. So to make the job easier I took you apart so I could move you piece by piece. It wasn't some bloody dismemberment thing, you came apart as blocks, almost like Lego's. I was about halfway done with the move when I woke up.

Joe said...

The only dream I ever had about a politician was the night of Sept 14, 1984, when I had a nightmare about Geraldine Ferraro.

I always thought the name Preakness was strange too, so I just looked it up in Wikipedia. The race dates back to 1873. The Maryland governor at the time, Oden Bowie, named the race in honor of a colt named Preakness. The first race was won by a horse named Survivor with a time of 2:43. This year the race was run in 1:54. The purse in 1873 was $2,050 - quite a bit of money in those days. The purse now is $1 million.

We'll find out on June 7 if Big Brown will become the first triple crown winner since 1978!

OK, I'm gonna go watch The Astronaut Farmer staring Billy Bob. I've never seen it.

Ted from Accounting said...

It was 114 degrees on the freeway today! 114 degrees PEOPLE! I rode mountain bikes and then swam all day! Now, I'm afraid my lily white ass is sunburned! Well maybe not my ass but the rest of me is! Have some compassion!

Barack Hussein Obama!?!?!? OMG, you must be a wierdy....but a cute wierdy!

Alayna said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only one unwillingly dreaming about presidential candidates. I had a dream about Hillary a few months back. We were drinking beer together in my living room. Laughing and having a good ol' time. This was before her blue-collar run-around in PA.