Saturday, May 10, 2008

At the gym; Red Eye party report

Greetings my little tortillas, I'm back on the bike after half an hour on the elliptical machine where I didn't blog for all the reasons I listed yesterday. So it occurs to me that I'm overdue for giving you the exhaustive run down of Wednedsay's Red Eye party which someone here asked for. Of course I will deliver this, however my hands are sweating something fierce and my little blackberry is sliding all around. It's almost as if I'm getting ready to hold my own hand for the very first time.

Anyway, the party was held at a sleek downtown boite. I almost couldn't find it because I was looking for a chic dowtown loft and well, I had my boites and lofts confused as one will do. Anyway, the guest list was quite exclusive as you can imagine. I was numbers one to twenty of the three hundred and I spotted myself in a number of situations running the gamut from surprising to dowright indecent! I was a veritable who's who of the television elite. Also, I was shorter but even more beautiful in person. Blind item alert! Blind item after the jump!

[Whee!] (I just jumped)

Blind item! (I'll wait while you cover your eyes) okay, what known canoodler was seen canoodling with a canoodle while canoodlers canoodled? Allegedly?

Send in your best guesses! In other news I overheard myself talking in hushed tones excitedly about things. The drinks were flowing which made the names bolder. My middle initial may have made out with my last name! Quelle gumption!

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Rbastid said...

I'm gonna have to go with Greta Van Susteren canoodling with Boris Carloff while Bill and Flat Iron Building canoodled. Allegedly.

And by a sleek downtown boite i'm assuming you ment The Ear over on Spring St. don't ya?

Toddrod said...

Little tortilla? LITTLE TORTILLA?!?! I will have you know, that I am more of a BIG tortilla! I'm talking about a tortilla that is big enough to make one of those Southern California super burritos from one of those popular taquerias that sound like Albiertos, or Humbertos, or some similar name. *Sigh* I really need to go on a diet and use that gym membership I started a couple months ago. Anyway, tortillas usually don't canoodle, so it must have been someone more famous than us little tortillas (and big tortillas too). I'm gonna guess you saw Andy Levy canoodling with a nice falafel.


Ted from Accounting said...

First I was your "favorites" and now your little tortilla! This is getting better every day!

I was totally going to ask how tall you were on your fan club thingy but I figured you wouldn't answer but since you brought it up....How tall are you?

I say Michelle Collins sucked face with an Appletini. That's my educated guess!