Friday, April 11, 2008


I think I just heard this word in a commercial for some kind of asthma drug. I may have misheard it, however if it exists (as a made-up word) I think it's:

a) awesome
b) something PR people should take
c) something publicists run on
d) something publicists run their car on
e) something you could accuse someone of taking if they're acting too self-promoting
f) like "what the fuck, are you mainlining promoterol?"
g) or "someone took their promoterol..."
h) or, if someone is being overly self-deprecating you could wonder if they FORGOT to take their promoterol!
i) god, possibilities: endless!
q) I'm tired of the alphabet
w) so this guy and I were once talking about what we wanted on our tombstones
k) I'm fighting the urge to make a pepperoni joke
x) and I said "she liked words"
e) and then I added "more than people"
s) I forget what he said
p) I kind of suck
v) I mean, not in general, but just, if you're having that kind of goth conversation you should really remember what the other person said


Ted from Accounting said...

First it was "extensions" and now "promoterol!" Alison these are just gateway drugs and soon you develop into a person who has to take helium before you speak all the time! Actually the next step sounds career enhancing!

I can guarantee the correct answer is not "p."

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Promoterol - This is the "moterol" that is used in NASCAR cars as opposed to the regular "moterol" that us common people use in our cars.


Joe said...

Promoterol sounds like something you take to clean out your colon.

Alison has become alphabet-challenged.

My tombstone: "He who laughs, lasts". Although at that point, it probably won't make much sense.

In case you missed it, Janice Dean posted this link on her blog today:

Funny. It's even better if you hit F11.

TGIF people!! I've had a very busy, but a very good, week. After a few more hours of work tomorrow morning, I'll be enjoying the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Can I add one?

366.7) At the end of 3-4 weeks your doctor says, "It was just a placebo."

Track of the day:

41) Boom - P.O.D.


Brett Jones said...

So Alison, what would the list of side effects be for this magic elixir?

Make sure to write it in a fast tempo just like the voice over guys say it.