Thursday, April 10, 2008

clips from Biography Channel

Someone wanted to see some of my more straightforward reporting so I made this not very fancy video which I'm sharing with you, lovers, because I keep no secrets from you. What's mine is my blog's is yours. Also, I'm kind of shaky/overworked right now but I met the scary deadlines, I think. I say "I think" because sometimes turning in a story is like kicking a wayward child out of the nest—a lot of work and yet you know he's likely to return with a few STDs or knocked up with editor's notes. Oh, also I should say that I think maybe I was confusing in my post about going to LA. I went there to interview other people. One for Page Six Magazine and one for Maxim magazine. Not job interviews, except actually they are job interviews, just not for jobs. Did that make sense? Nothing makes sense anymore I'm so tired. I went to rest my head against the wall and because I'm retarded I "rested" my head too quickly and kind of bounced my head off the wall. It was refreshingly painful really. Like a breath of fresh head trauma. Like a concussive blast of nerve endings. Okay, here's the video. I'm longwinded when my brain is pushing on my skull.


Ted from Accounting said...

Thanks for sharing the always you were great!

Anonymous said...

Quote of the Interview:

" I told you to expire him not inquire him !!!! Also it's Pesci not Pepsi. "


Joe said...

I hope you don't mind my posting that video on The Activity Pit yesterday. I stumbled upon it on YouTube -- which was kinda strange because I was searching for "White Slavery" at the time and I don't think you actually talk about white slavery in any of the clips. God works in mysterious ways!

Glad you met your deadlines. Have a safe trip back east this weekend (you're scheduled on Red Eye on Tuesday, so I assume you'll be traveling back over the weekend.)

Wow - Tuesday is also tax day already! Does everyone have their taxes done? Alison - let me know if you'd like me to double check your bottom line. I'd be more than happy to. From what I can see, all of your fixed assets are in great shape. Oh yes, very nice shape indeed!

Donny Bohac said...

One of the greatest shocks in my life was seeing Bob Saget's standup act for the first time. Quite a change from Danny Tanner and Home Videos.