Friday, April 25, 2008

Olfactory assault! olfactory assault!

When I woke up it smelled strongly of bug spray in my room—and not the girly kind of "bug spray mixed with flowers" that I occasionally make use of, but some kind of very strong industrial pesticide that stripped the chitin right off my lungs. Now it smells like curry.

Wait, now it's bug spray again.

I should probably close my window, but I spent so long last night saying hello to spring by wrenching the damn thing open and then putting the little screen in and then struggling to close it on top of the screen that I'm hesitant to mess with it again. If my lungs have to fill with tiny particles, so be it. Hm, I think I can actually taste it right now.

That's New York for you: elaborate machinations to open a damn window. In California you'd just have your butler do it.

Headache! I have thought myself into a headache. I'm convinced this is a headache in my mind. Also a headache in my head.

Also in the "that's New York for you" is crossing against the light. I always have a moment when I come back to the city where I'm waiting for the light to change and then, embarrassed, I realize it's because I've gone soft. I've forgotten that I don't have to wait! Then I go running like a girl through the intersection.


Ted from Accounting said...

Random stuff:

Maybe that smell is coming from Chico's apartment!?!? I bet it is!

FYI - My butler is named Jeeves! He also handles my Kinko's issues.

Did the A&W tumblr thingy die out?

Where has Michael been?

Have a great weekend!

Lord Melchior said...

People don't wait for the light anywhere(maybe in some parts of SoCal where every city street is like 8 lanes of 60 mile per hour death)...rather you are more comfortable with traffic patterns where you live and thus you can trust yourself to not walk into a speeding car. You go to Vancouver and for all you know if you cross the street on red a Zamboni machine or a moose will come out of nowhere and run you down. That's why you wait for the light.

As far as headaches, just freebase some HeadOn and you'll be fine. Or have a shot of Dr Frank's pain spray(it's homeopathic, that means good).