Monday, April 28, 2008

Have I said too much? Let me say too much

I woke up this morning thinking that I should get a pet bird. This was after this really long horrible epic of a nightmare that culminated in my crying over a pet rat I'd fallen in love with named Daniel. Poor Daniel went tits up and got rigor mortis, along with two other sickly hamsters that flipped over and kind of instantly calcified into frogs, which is interesting in a reverse fairy tale kind of way. There was also an infant, danger and a fleet of EMTs. And a bank of people on telephones, telethon style. I mean, frankly it was hard to move around in an apartment stuffed with all these people which is why my beloved Daniel nibbled at the poison which I only discovered after I retrieved him from under the refrigerator.

And they say dreams are only interesting to the people who have them!

Off to the gym my lovelies.

But one more thing about this dream: if I think about it even now, about how I felt when I realized Daniel was gone because I hadn't acted fast enough, tears still spring to my eyes.


Anonymous said...

Quote of the Pet BLog:

"If you want to be accompanied by a living creature fellow for your heart's sake, why not adopt SATAN'S chosen SON the antichrist .."

Heres the link

i bet you're all freaked out of this "Child of the ADVENT".........

Ted from Accounting said...

"A Fox News Breaking Alert"

In a solemn occasion, RosenFans worldwide synchronistically purchased 40 ounce Malt liquors and wrapped them in brown paper bags. Walking to their nearest gym, they took a swig and dumped the rest on the sidewalk in memoriam of Daniel! In a trance like state, RosenFans mumbled "you never say to much!" Local officials believe these cult members were in a trance like state.

Pow said...

A talking bird would be a good idea. If he/she got sick it could let you know. You could take it to the vet. Unless it had laryngitis. That could be an issue.