Sunday, March 16, 2008

Warning: cheese ahead

The following is going to be a big ol' hunk of cheese however my friend Yami, the one whose wedding I just attended, put this quote on her myspace page which has been fucking with my head all day. (and yes, the previous sentence is sad for a number of reasons but there's no time now to dwell.) Here's the quote:

"love is life. and if you miss love, you miss life. - Buscaglia

Do I agree with this? I remember thinking Buscaglia was vaguely douchey when I first encountered him in high school psych, but the sentiment is kind of chilling. I mean, not to you who are all happily connected to fellow human beings but to someone who spent the last year or so avoiding messy human relationships, it's got me in a twist.

I could say more, but if I don't blow dry my hair right now catastrophe is going to happen on my head. To be continued. Maybe.


Joe said...

Leo was fantastic! He had hundreds of great stories, and he used to stay for hours after his speeches to hug everyone in the audience - and not in a creepy kind of way. He genuinely loved people.

I remember he said he was once in a book store and got excited because he saw a book titled "How to Hug". But then he was disappointed after picking it up and finding out it was one volume in an encyclopedia.

Kaufman said...

Gah, it's underwhelming. Conditioner. That's something one can rely on.

Anonymous said...

"Love is Life." It is amazing how such a vague comment can really make a person feel insufficient. What kind of love? There isn't just one type of love, is there? I love banana splits, but it's killing me.


29Victor said...

Ted Bundy loved killing people. I guess he was just getting the most out of his life.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree. Of course nothing says love like a TRO. That or the abject adulation of fanboys. We love you Alison, we really really do.