Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Hey, your Vegas is showing..."

Is this really the best the Nevada tourism council could come up with? I'm suddenly seeing a bunch of commercials with it again and it sounds more like an unfortunate medical condition than an enticement to come to Las Vegas. Actually, it makes the also kinda lame "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" sound like poetry. Also, it sounds like something someone would say before going on air. In fact, I'm going to drop it into my litany of self-consciousness next time:

How'm I doing? Is my hair okay? Is my jacket okay? Anything weird going on in this section? (waving hands over entire torso). Any muffin top action? Is my Vegas showing? What about my third nipple?

Can you see my goiter? I tried to hide it with goiter-off but I think it's just making it show more. What about the giant scar I have running from my extra toe to my vestigial tail. Is it showing? Can you see where I had to have that thing frozen off? Correction, things.

Are you sure my Vegas isn't showing? Okay phew.


Mr. Ricardo said...

I just imaged a large sparkly thing with neon flashing in a persons pants.

As a man it's bad enough that we have to keep an eye out for our zippers being down now we run the risk of our Vegas showing? It actually sounds more impressive when a man's "Vegas" is showing than a woman's.

Okay, no more coffee for me.

Joe said...

"Goiter Off" - please don't give the Head On people any new ideas! They already have too many annoying commercials. :o)

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" has been one of the most successful advertising campaigns in history. Other cities can only dream of having a slogan that catches on and is copied as much as that one was.

Since I work in the hospitality field, I somewhat keep track of the tourism advertising that cities do. Miami Beach unveiled a new slogan about a year ago - "Miami Beach 25/7." The idea was that there's so much to do there you need the extra hour.

Seattle has had several slogans over the last few years, Including:
- "SayWa"
- "See@L"
- "Metronatural"

Think what you will, "Metronatural" was unveiled in October 2006, the result of a 16 month, $200,000 effort by the city's Convention and Visitor's Bureau. They then spent another $300,000 marketing what they called their new "destination brand position" including putting the slogan in 18-foot-tall letters on top of the Space Needle. Search for it in Google Images - it's there.

New Mexico unveiled a controversial ad campaign last year that showed space aliens vacationing in the state, based on the supposed Roswell UFO Incident. Some people thought the ads were clever, but others thought they just made the state look goofy.

Joe said...

After I signed off last night, I remembered another advertising campaign that kicked off this month. The German capital of Berlin launched an ad campaign based on their new official slogan "Be Berlin".

The new campaign is supposed to convey the idea that Berlin is creative, exciting and open to the world.

It's the city's first official slogan since unification in 1990. The cost of the new campaign is $14.8 million. Many Berlin residents and visitors don't think it fits.

"Be Berlin" was chosen from more than 300 submissions in an open search for an official city slogan.