Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some shots from last night's Red Eye

Sometimes I like to punctuate things I say with the above expression.

Except for when I'm clearly nauseated (I have no recollection of what was happening at this point, by the way)

That's me in the back left, shortly before Greg noticed that was me in the back left.


Ted from Accounting said...

Being on the west coast and being a late sleeper, my post game wrap loses its thunder. Everyone already posted what a great episode it was. That was so funny to see you in the background!

I thought all the guests were good!

Great Pics and great job as usual Alison!

Anonymous said...

I'm still getting a kick out of last night's episode. Those are good shots of you. That was just absolute genius on yours and Greg's part. Not only did the group get a kick out of that, but I'm pretty positive the viewers got a kick out of it as well. The bar has definately been raised.

Spontaneity rules.


Mr. Ricardo said...

You wouldn't be you without that expression. It's part of your charm.

Todd said...

I fell out of bed I was laughing so hard. I thought that whole background was green-screened stock footage. Awesomeness. Thanks for being real, on my tv.

Joe said...

I just started laughing again seeing the picture of you sitting in the back of the newsroom (I assume it's the back.. could be the front for all I know.) It was really funny when you started waving though!

I'm not sure, but I think you started laughing pretty hard at that point too. Or maybe that was in a different segment...

alison said...

That was then that I started laughing really hard because I started trying to punch and then squish Andy's head and the whole thing was so ridiculous. My eyes were watering! That was my favorite moment in the show I think.

Anonymous said...

Honestly speaking Alison. By no means am I disrespecting the gang on Red Eye last night, but, and Joe can appreciate this, they coulda just stopped the show right then and there. What I mean about Joe appreciating this, is on an episode of Seinfeld, George got on a kick where he always left situations on a "high note". It reminded me of that.


Joe said...

OK, I remember that now Alison. Yep, that was great. It was such a strange night because I wanted to get up and watch the show live, and then decided to get up even earlier to watch the shuttle launch at 2:30. Who needs sleep?

Why can't they just schedule Red Eye and shuttle launches when it's convenient for ME. Is that asking too much? :o)

Michael - Showmanship! Leaving on a high note. All the segments where George is working for Kruger are funny - like when they when they wanted to call George "Koko" after Koko the monkey.

Pow said...

I know it was my favorite moment of the show. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. I watch the show live, yes East Coast insomnia. Then I watch it again the next day with my g/f who actually sleeps somewhat normal hours. I never tell her what to expect. I had to stop the DVR when that part came on for a good solid 5 minutes. She was in tears. Nothing else to add. Just thank you. That's getting added to favorite Redeye moments.

Anonymous said...

Ah yeah, I remember that episode. He wanted to become T-bone at first. That was hilarious.


29Victor said...

You looked like a little devil on Andy's shoulder, or was it an angel?

What were you whispering into his ear?

Anonymous said...

OK... seeing you in the background while Andy was doing his thing was hilarious. Seeing you wave frantically, and nearly falling out of your chair laughing was hilarious. Someone needs to convince Greg to remove the Red Eye logo from the lower right side of the television screen, and place your image there of you waving and nearly falling out of your chair laughing. :)