Saturday, March 22, 2008

Me again

Me again, still at the gym for some reason. Apparently I've traveled about eight miles without moving which seems really odd to me. Maybe the gym is longer than I realize? Anyone know how much eight miles is?

Good thing I brought so many things to pass the time! In addition to my blackberry I also have my iPod, two magazines and a book. It's not dissimilar to the amount of stuff I used to bring for the car ride to disneyland when I was a kid. The ride was about thirty five minutes but I brought enough for fifteen times that. Anyone know what fifteen times thirty five is? I'm going to see if I can figure it out in my head bc that's the kind of stuff I do at the gym. Okay. Here goes.


I have to say that I kind of feel like an asshole when I have my blackberry in one hand and I pick up my ipod in the other. But at least I'm not doing other obnoxious gym things like grunting. You won't hear me grunt and if it means that I have to reduce my workout to a mere stretch routine and I don't even break a sweat and basically people are like who is that girl with blinders on the bike who's just sitting there emailing and repeatedly looking at a map, confused, so be it.

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todd said...

Blinders to keep focused on the future. That's awesomefullnessly funny.. I'll have to try that! =)

Mr. Ricardo said...

"In addition to my blackberry I also have my iPod, two magazines and a book"

This sounds a lot like my way of relaxing on he couch, minus the Blackberry. I have my laptop instead.

This might be the reason for the blank stares from my room mates.

Anonymous said...

There is a bodybuilder secret to keeping a small waist. Do NOT do any exercises that work your stomach muscles. No crunches, no leg lifts, etc.

However, you will still need to do a ton of cardio for any fat deposits around the mid-section.

Uh.. I'm off to the gym. Oh wait.. it's Easter..gym is closed! Chocolate bunny time!