Friday, March 28, 2008

I want one of these (warning: Joel Stein ahead)

I remember running into people in the elevator of the building that houses the Time Out NEw York offices and they recognized me from TV and were surprised that I actually had to work real office hours, as if all I did to earn the small bucks was wake up early and go on TV. They were savvy.


Ted from Accounting said...

I've actually wondered about this since following some of the blogs...Ok, I'll just use Julia as an example because the author did but how much does someone get paid for going on Fox, MSNBC or CNN for like 5 minutes and talking about something of which they may have little too no actual information on. I've seen her in clips as a sex expert, dating expert, celebrity gossip type and so on and so on. I mean, I'm a proponent of the 1st amendment and you would rather have attractive people on TV discussing someone's personal issues than someone like me. I'm just curious if their publications pay for them to do on air stuff or the network / station / program. I know it's none of my business and I enjoy the wackiness of Julia but she must get paid well to go on so many shows! She had a video posted a while back in which she showed off her new apartment and the monthly rent was like $3,000 or $4000 (I think) which in So. Cal. isn't unreasonable for a house but for a small apartment in NY wow! I'm sure Red Eye doesn't pay guests...I just don't know...I'm not asking for you to tell the readers how this part of the business works...Sometimes the underlings are just curious! Obviously I think Alison Rosen is worth every penny!

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting article that Mr. Stein wrote. Interesting point-of-view. However, I've always been a fan of Gonzo Journalism. To a certain point that is.


Ted from Accounting said...

Where is everyone? As the only exotic dancer on this blog, my Saturday mornings are pretty much open so I'm going to give you a glimpse of what a T and A Tumblr would look like...that is a Ted and Alison Tumblr (get your mind out of the gutter).

It doesn't compare with a Wendy & Alison Tumblr but this is how it would probably go...

Ted - Hi Alison how are you?
Alison - Hey
Alison - Cheese
Ted - What?
Alison - Cheese, it goes well with every meal don't you think
Ted - Yeah, I guess it does!
Alison - Don't mock me Ted...bring something to the table here
Ted - Sorry, did I ever mention that I would pay to blog you!
Alison - Excuse me
Ted - Yeah, like I would pay like $10.00 for every post that is 30 words or more...a post with at least 3 photos would be the same!
Alison - Ted are you trying to make me a Blooker
Ted - Blooker..huh? I think you created a new word there!
Alison - TED THAT IS YOUR DUMBEST IDEA YET...Let's change subjects shall we
Ted - Okay!
Alison - Applesauce
Ted - What?
Alison - Applesauce, it goes well with every meal don't you think

Note: No blookers, cheese or applesauce were harmed in creating this comment!

Joe said...

That's pretty funny Ted. Five stars!

Here's my contribution:
Joe - he thinks he's on a cruise ship playing shuffleboard with Bea Arthur.

That's about the best I can do today. I'm resting up and slowly recharging my batteries after a tiring week.

I started working on something for "A Rosen By Any Other Name" this morning. I'll post it tomorrow morning if I finish it.

Alison - I see you're scheduled on RE April 15 and May 1. That's encouraging! I keep thinking (hoping) they'll get a cancellation before 4/15 and you'll get on sooner.

Hmmmm.. that gives me an idea. Maybe it's time to get out the baseball bat and pull a Tanya Harding. I bet Kerry Howley has some pretty weak knees...

Don't be too surprised if you hear that Kerry had a little "accident" this weekend - I have a feeling she's goin' down!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you haven't posted in a couple days!! I'm not sure if I should be proud of you, or a little worried! Hope you are taking a deserved vacation!


Ted from Accounting said...

Hey thanks for the comment Joe! It was kind of fun to play around with a fake tumblr...I tried to mimic Alison and Wendy's craziness (imitation is the highest form of flattery).

Your Alison "beauty" pic was classic! To think...this whole time I thought I was only attracted to her mind!