Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gather round, readers

Blogfans, because I got called out for it today, I just wanted to take this special moment to tell you, my special and extremely attractive readers, that when I post stories I wrote a long time ago it isn't because I'm lazy and sitting there thinking "I don't have anything to post, I know! I'll post something old!"

It's that I've been going back and reading stuff I wrote from the OC Weekly because, if you must know, I'm trying to see if there's a book in that old stuff, and anyway, unless you happened to be reading the OC Weekly 8 or 9 years ago, I assume this is new to you, and if you are a fan of mine which you so certainly should be if you're still reading this piffle, then I assume you would want to read the stuff that I personally think is probably better than a lot of what followed, or if not better than at least on par with. I mean, when you love someone, as you do me (right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!) then you love everything about them unconditionally. The way I burp in my sleep, the way I'm covered with pustules, the way I use my uterus as a weapon (I throw it at people) and my penchant for posting old stories. These things make me human. Hence, when I serve up a story from 9 years ago you should just be happy that I have a tenuous grasp on math because it's occurring to me that I really mean 8 years ago. What? I don't know. I don't really sleep-burp. I do like Facts of Life though.


Anonymous said...

Every once in awhile, you write a blog that is full of angst. This is one of those entries. Don't worry, be happy.


Kimberly said...

Keep the old stuff coming! Love it & you're right - it's new to me!

And...I think we can all agree that a sleep burp is better than a sleep fart.....


Pow said...

Personally I've been enjoying the look at the early stuff. Alison, I've been reading this blog for a long time. And for me, it's been fantastic to see the start of it all. That "guy"(callback) can't tell anyone any diff (2 callbacks one sentence ooh).

A book? What a marvelous idea. Has that been in the works for a while now? I seem to remember a certain someone saying how he'd "love to see a book" a while back. I may be parapahrasing due to a bizarre accident involving a tryke and my lack of rest.
Humanity is what makes us human. It's a great quality to have. It's what keeps me reading. And 137 and counting...

Mr. Ricardo said...

Um, I enjoy the OC stories. Mostly because I've never read any of them before you started posting them.

Hell, I even email a few to family and friends - of other people who work with me.

My family and friends don't deserve to recieve them, mostly because it's part of the current restraining order.K

eep up the OC flash backs!

Joe said...

I love all your posts. Don't let one naysayer get to you. Look at all the nasty-grams that Greg reads on RE. It's easy to be a critic.

Just keep doing what you're doing!!

Anonymous said...


We kid because we do love you unconditionally. Burps and all. Just please don't throw your uterus at me.


Joe said...

I'm sure if any readers aren't satisfied with Alison's blog entries, she will gladly refund the unused portion of their subscription fee.

I for one am happy sending in $50 each month. That's what the rest of you are paying, right?


Anonymous said...

I'm only speaking for myself here. The one thing I am right now is annoyed. I don't like waking up that way by the way. Anyway, the people that read and keep up with Alison's blog kinda sorta know where she's coming from. We don't ask questions we just listen/read what she has to say. Just seems like whenever we're movin' forward, she has to stop and explain herself. If you don't understand or agree with what she is saying, just don't read it and/or don't comment on it. It's really simple. I personally like her unpredictability. Well, I'm finished with this. In my opinion, this has gotten more attention than it deserves.


Anonymous said...

And one more thing. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.


Ted from Accounting said...

I missed the extremely attractive reader part or obviously I would have commented earlier:

I'm not throwing the first stone at this poor guy...I'm sure that uterus wouldn't hurt that bad! Some might even enjoy it! I love the fact that RosenFanatics are very protective of their leader!

To answer you question Alison "Yes!" We love you burps, pustules (just not the oozing ones) and your penchants (remind me later to look that fuc**** word up). We just desire that you have health insurance...that is all we ask!