Wednesday, March 26, 2008

baby asses, the Hills, miso soup mix

I just want to clarify something in the below post. When I say my fingertips are like baby asses, I mean the unchafed butts of babies, not young donkeys, although if they were like baby donkeys, that would be so cute!

Also, is The Hills Lauren Conrad on drugs? This is the second season where, when she makes flirty eyes at some guy, I want to throw a shoe at the television and then take a shower. If I were the guy on the receiving end of that uncomfortable unblinking stare plus shoulder shrug plus strange palsy/shimmy, I would make my way to the exit, and yet they don't. Maybe the camera adds ten... times the embarrassment by proxy?

And finally, I figured out the way to enjoy the low-sodium miso soup mix from a few blog posts ago: Eat it plain, resulting in a very salty, powdery 25 calorie snack. Like a soy sauce flavored pixie stick with crunchy crap in it.


Anonymous said...

Quote of the forgotten:

"Talking about donkeys,I ask you to avenge me Alison for what the EXPLETIVE-holes they did to me!"


Brent said...

I must say, the guys probably don't run because LC is so damn adorable. I have to say - I would love to be on the other end of that flirty stare. She's hot...however no near as hot you Ms. Rosen

Pow said...

I never thought of young donkies. Like with the ears too? Little/big ears on your fingers. And high-pitched hee-haws. Fun and entertaining.

LC on drugs? That I can't say. What I can say is, she seems she like she needs a doctor. That could be the problem. Maybe she needs some. The reason guys don't run? Cameras and lack of common sense.

I prefer RR/RW to The Hills. They drink, they argue, they do challenging things. It's kind of like "real" life with people you wouldn't associate with. Oh and there's not usually a special prize when I finish a job. I doubt any of us get that. So not real at all. Well, there goes that show too...

Joe said...

Your dietary habits continue to amaze me. I used to eat Jello right out of the packet - but that was a LONG time ago. Like 2006.

And I totally thought you were referring to donkeys. No, not really.

Here's something interesting I saw in the news this morning. Which U.S. industries do you think have the most trouble with booze? The medical profession? The legal profession? Senior editors?

Well George Washington University released a study yesterday and here's what they found. The top industries with alcohol problems are:

1. Hospitality
2. Construction
3. Wholesale trade
4. Retail trade
5. Finance and real estate
6. Manufacturing
7. Transportation/utilities
8. Information/communication
9. Agriculture
10. Other services
11. Education/social services
12. Public administration

Would you have put the hospitality sector at the top of the list? I wouldn't have. But the study found that nearly 1 in 7 hospitality workers has a serious drinking problem, compared with a national average of 1 in 11.

The lead researcher says the industries at the top of the list tend to employ large numbers of young men, and that drives up the percentage.

Anonymous said...

I had to use Wikipedia to figure out who Lauren Conrad is. Am I just getting old or what!?! I thought I was hip cuz I watched Mythbusters.


Anonymous said...

Assuming that miso is pronounced "mee-so". A weird Al Yankovic type song just popped into my head. It's called, "Oh miso soup mix, me love you long time." Oh great Scott. I'm thinking about Luke Skywalker this early in the morning. Heaven help us. Actually it's kinda funny if you think about it.


P.S. It just occured to me that I used the word assuming. Does anyone see the coorelation between the donkeys and....nevermind, it's not important.

Anonymous said...

Here's a coinky dink. I was channel surfin' and I came across The Hills. This reminded me of the tmblr thingie from way back when featuring AlisonBobby & WendyBobby. It made me LoL. Wasn't that french guy soooo debonair?


Sweet said...

aw, your fingertips are like ten little eeyores...careful of the disney people they'll be after you for copyright infringement faster than you can snap your middle and thumb eeyores!

my brother enjoys a nice nosh on uncooked fat-free ramen noodles, he says they're tastier than rice cakes...I prefer styrofoam coated with salt and lime to either one of those :)