Saturday, February 23, 2008

An Open Letter to My Sister Who Is At A Hockey Game Which Is Weird Since I Don't Think She Likes Hockey That Much But Hey, I Could Be Wrong

So last night I logged on to my computer and went to Facebook and was surprised to see I had a bunch of messages and requests since I hardly ever use Facebook but anyway I approved a few requests, surprised that a couple of them were from people who know YOU, but then sometimes your friends track me down and also, we sometimes share friends just like we "share" a computer and by that I mean you check your email on my computer often, which I am totally okay with, in fact often I will tell you to look at my computer because there is a particularly cute Tobey video on there, etc. ANYWAY, after approving a few friends and adding an application because what the hell, right, I realized that this was YOUR profile I was logged in as—you must have been on there earlier and not signed out. Surprise, you have some new friends and an application! Also, you might be a member of a club. Let me know how that goes!


Anonymous said...

This is the P.S. part of the open letter from Alison to her sister that I took the liberty of writing because Alison doesn't have the heart to say it.

P.S. Who you trying to get crazy with Essay, don't you know I'm loco! IT'S YOUR TURN TO WASH THE DISHES.


Anonymous said...

You need a decoder ring/3D glasses to read my first comment. Hmmm, seems like I remember saying that somewhere else. Still funny nonetheless.


Pow said...

Funny to see the Facebook mention here today. I joined yesterday. I'm all the way up to 4 friends. I said I never would join there, I'm old school that way, but it was because a Redeye Group. Short story long, I saw my first friend had you on their list, I almost asked you to be my "friend." I don't like to be pushy though.
Also hi Alison's sister. Who won the game?

Joe said...

This is like the old Patty Duke Show where Patty and her cousin Cathy changed places all the time, causing much confusion and hilarity. Imagine how much funnier the show would had been if they had the internet back then. Patty would have been suspended from school for sending naked pictures of herself to her boyfriend. Or was it really Cathy??

So because of this mix up, Alison's sister is now a member of Rageaholics Anonymous and will have to attend meetings every Tuesday evening at 9 p.m.

She's also part of a sewing bee that meets alternate Thursdays in Poughkeepsie.