Monday, February 04, 2008

Fred will be so jealous

Because I agreed to do Red Eye on Valentine's Day. I plan to wear red. Or just a diaper while holding love's bow and arrow. Take the high road on that one please.

Also, speaking of Fred, despite my plans to stay home hanging with my houseplant while working on new moves to fold in (seamlessly, of course) to my competitive ice dancing routine, I just put in a full day at Page Six Magazine, where I'm acting as senior editor for a bit. I worry the ice dancing will suffer, is the thing.

Also, I felt that moment where I realized the lobby, which has always been about Red Eye for me, is about to become about Page Six for me. Does that make sense? And then some day I'll go to do Red Eye and it'll be like going to do a show in the building where I work or once worked, as opposed to now, where I'm still flummoxed by the elevators. "I'm going to one, are you going to one?" a man asked me today, by the elevator bank. I just stared at him, dumbfounded, as if he were speaking a foreign language which I once knew. Then I began drooling. The thing is that I've always prided myself on my ability to discern up from down—left and right not so much—and so if I lose that one I will be directionally challenged in 360 degrees, which is really going to suck. Some other sense will just have to overcompensate. Hopefully a useful one, like my sense of humor. Or my sense of which peppers are spicy. Or my sense of which movies are going to suck, except I really made a judgment error when I dragged my mom and sister to see Out to Sea.


Gary said...

I actually at one point owned Fred's cousin. (Or at least he looked like Fred) Unfortunatly he committed suicide. Be careful, they can be very sensitive.

joe said...

Alison, the next time you're in an elevator with a really cute guy and he asks you, "What floor?", just look at him directly in the eye and say, "I go all the way."

So cool about your working at Page 6!

I'm refraining from posting a diaper comment.. I'll just say I always thought red was a great color for you!

Ted from Accounting said...

Crap! I guess I'll cancel our Valentines day dinner plans! Maybe I can return that matching diaper though!

I'll have to check out Page Six' website. If this doesn't work out maybe you could intern with Teen Vogue in Los Angeles? Whitney, LC & AR. That's got a nice ring to it!

toddrod said...

eek! Don't wear red on Red Eye on Valentines day! Please don't do that. I think that would be kinda of cliche. Am I wrong? Maybe I am just anti-Valentines Day. Or perhaps those Vermont Teddy Bear commercials are making me nuts.