Saturday, February 23, 2008

The debate column....


Anonymous said...

Just read the article. It was neat to see you working. I won't go in to too much depth here. I am a loyal follower of yours, but I disagree with you on this particular issue. I don't think foul words have a place on regular t.v. Maybe if there was some advance warning. I just happen to think that, that is what cable t.v. is for. Let me emphasize that I really don't have "strong" feelings about this. That's what makes debate good though. It's okay to disagree. More importantly, I think the article was well-written and both sides of the debate were very well articulated. It was a pleasure to read, and I look forward to reading more articles in the future.


Pow said...

First, let me say I agree with what Michael said. I liked the way both sides were presented like that. It's something I look forward to seeing more of also.
Second, even though I consider myself a conservative politically, and I don't think words like this should be kicked around like a hackysack all day on TV. I really do think there's too big of a deal being made of things like this. I don't like the PC affliction that has been taking over everywhere. Censorship begins with this and then moves to something else.

Anonymous said...

Just went to the site of the what I call the "Glamour" shots of Miss Rosen. It was a smörgåsbord of pure delight. She's workin' it! You go girl!!


Anonymous said...

After re-examining why I have the position of not favoring the use of the c-word, it finally dawned on me why. If you had to walk around the world the rest of your life with the name Mike Hunt, you would be bitter too.


P.S. Say Mike Hunt 5 times rapidly and you'll know why that's somewhat funny. My last name isn't even close to Hunt, moreover I hate being called Mike. Just a little bit I put together for sh*ts and giggles.

footnote: It wouldn't be fair if I didn't give Mr. Anonoymous his props for his/her/she/it/they, name usuages as well as the infamous quotes of the day.

Joe said...

That's awesome Alison. Thanks for posting it!

So... page 12 in Page Six. Got it.

Have you ever been described as a "TV talking head" before? Thought that was funny. Gotta ad that to your resume... "TV Talking Head." By the way, my panties aren't in a twist, although they do seem a tad snug now that you mention it.

My feeling is that this one incident isn't that big a deal, but I don't think any of us would want to hear no-no words on a broadcast network all day long. The next thing you know, cute little 5 year old Amanda is saying the words over and over in her kindergarten class because she thinks it's cool - and mommy has to take 2 hours out of her busy day to go talk about it with the teacher.

Joe said...

Oh.... I forgot to add my agreement with Michael about the glamour shots. Nice!

Also saw this cute quote on Google last week:

"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate." - Henry J Tillman

Ted from Accounting said...

Holy Crap! It was Julia! LOL "How fucki*** funny is that!" You gotta love Julia, she isn't crazy...her reality is just different from almost everyones! But I still think she is fun.

So many posts to catch up on! Obviously, I lean toward Alison on this c-word issue!

I've never had Facebook but I'm tempted to check it out! Isn't it just like MYSPACE? I mean would I get anything new out of it?

I just got back from Temecula where I met Dan "Hollywood" Henderson (photos & autographs)...he is fighting next week for the UFC middleweight championship. "Hollywood Henderson" what a cool name huh? He really is a nice guy!

Quite a few "money" shots in those new photos you added Miss Rosen! You were stunning as usual!

Sorry you caught the bug Michael! I wish I had gotten antibiotics right away...just cuz I'm a big sissy!

Joe said...

It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting here drinking my second cup of coffee... and reading Page Six magazine!

Very nicely done! They obviously have a kick-ass Senior Editor.

Your discussion layout wound up on page 10. It looks great!

I wouldn't have recognized Christina Ricci if I bumped into her on the street. I need to read the article about her.

But first I have to finish reading about "The Secrets of New York's Naughtiest Nannies"!

It looks GREAT Alison - Congratulations!

Ilze in Jersey said...

Hey, c@#%! How's it hangin'?
If I am not mistaken, the time on the Jane Fonda still in Page Six Magazine is 8:20. That is 8:20 in the morning I believe. I am not sure that we need any children hearing the c-word at any time during an over-the-air broadcast, especially at that time of day. That idiot's 'slip' ranks right up there with the time when I had a clean station tuned in on Sirius and their Raw Dog, f-bomb central cut in with my children in the car. And I PAY for that pleasure. I wonder if you have children and whether that is the kind of stuff you would want them exposed to. I am not a prude, just wondering where lowering the standards of decency will get us. Ironically my husband just tuned in to 'Gladiator' on satellite. Ah! Blood and gore...bread and circus for the masses. BTW, the kids are asleep...