Friday, February 15, 2008

a couple shots from last night


Anonymous said...

You looked sensational last night. You should be a permanent member of red eye.

Anonymous said...

Well that was kinda neat. Right when I posted my last comment, your beautiful pictures appear. That's like De Javu' or something. You know, come to think of it, it's not like that at all. I think neat was the proper description. I think you always look lovely, and a pleasure to watch. I also would like to say, I hope we get the opportunity to read your work at Page Six.

I don't want to get into a big thing here, but seeing the term superdelegates inspires me to be known as a SuperBlogger. Yeah, I like that. It makes me feel powerful or something ridiculous like that.


Joe said...

Those are great shots! Beautiful, sensational, yes, but I prefer the word... Ali-licious.

That was funny last night when Greg called you Alison Roses. It reminds me (and Michael you may not have seen this) of how on the show a few nights ago Greg held up the name plate he finally got for his office door and it said, "Greg Gutfled".

I missed Celeb Rehab last night too. I'll have to catch it over the weekend. Thank goodness they rerun them so many times.

Alison, if you're trying to think of something to blog about, it would be interesting to hear more about your experiences at Page Six.

Ted from Accounting said...

Ok, after 4 days, I've finally beaten this freakin cold! I just watched last night's Red Eye and all I have to say is WOW! Alison there is a reason you were sitting in the "hot girl seat!"

Can you brothers give me some HIGH fives on that one? I'm gonna save the drama for my mama but speaking for all the blue collar workers Dr. Z mentioned..."you looked beautiful!"

I'll keep my post game wrap short this time:

Dr. Z: She was great!

Bowl Cut Dude: Enough Said!

Time Out New York Writer: Oh, wait! There wasn't one! MY BAD!

Anonymous said...

You got purdy hayr.

Love love love

Moople said...

Very nice. I hope my DVR caught the show.

I didn't know how to spell the sound of someone whistling at an attractive woman (which I wouldn't do in "real life") ---but I did find a Wikipedia entry about it (see below). I didn’t know it was called a “Wolf-Whistle”. But I’d say from the screen-caps that you were Wolf-Whistle-Worthy on the show:

A Wolf-whistle is a specific sound commonly made… show appreciation for something or someone (originally a person thought to be sexually attractive)……The melodic form of the wolf-whistle has largely become standardized. It usually consists of two consecutive notes, one rising, the other descending. The first note ascends, by means of a sort of portamento (glide). The second note repeats the first, possibly a little shortened, but then descends by means of a slightly more drawn-out portamento, to approximately the low point from which the first glide sprang.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:

Yo Alison, nice legs......

--Commenting on last night's episode

Chris Levy said...

Damn you looked stunning yesterday. you seem to get hotter with every Red Eye appearance. Its tough to find a chick like you ANYWHERE with the intellect and looks to match. To quote Ali G "Respect, big ups yaself". Go on red eye more!!!