Tuesday, January 15, 2008

letters? send them!

Greetings lovelies. I just got back from doing Red Eye. At the table and everything! Today was crazy so I apologize for the lag in posting comments! Thank you Ted for your brainteasers! I got the ONE WORD one but the shark one stumped me. More brainteasers! And now, a request: if you like the movie segment I've been doing and want to see it continue please please please email redeye [at] foxnews.com and say as much. Then get your friends to write in (if they sincerely like it too). Lots of letters! Oodles of letters! I will be forever grateful!

Also, I passed Tonya Reiman, the real body language expert (from O'Reilly) in the lobby tonight and she smiled at me and I thought "Hi. I've parodied you." It was a weird little moment. Also, she's quite statuesque. As is Megyn Kelly. And Angelica Bridges, who was on the show tonight.

I guess that's all.


Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:

"Unfair, why does my sister get to have a kid but not me!!!!!!"


Ted from Accounting said...

I'll draft my email to Red Eye in the morning...I think the show needs segments like yours to spice things up. Red Eye kind of falls into a rut without your appearances...anyway, I'll word it better (Ted Style) with a good nights sleep.

I saw a quote today that I had to share...apply it as needed:

Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, "Holy shit...what a ride!"

Tease of the day (no not you..see below):

When is four half of five?

Anonymous said...

I had my letter read by Greg last week, but he told me to go out and talk to girls :(

So, "How YOU doin'?"

Chris from NJ

Anonymous said...

Wow! Just Wow! I swear when Andy brought up the "Four Truths and a Lie" I almost fell out of my seat! You've never let me down Alison! You're asking myself and the other bloggers to send tons of emails to Red Eye. You've got it! I'll start talking to the people around my message board and if there's anything else we can do just let us know. I'm sure that the other bloggers will agree with me on that. Right?

Chris B.

joe said...

Great Red Eye last night! I was so glad you were on the set for the whole show, Alison.

I'll e-mail my movie request to Fox this morning.

Ted, here's something a co-worker of mine always used to say, usually when we were doing something risky or unusual: "If you're not walking on the edge, you're taking up too much space."

joe said...

Alison, I was wondering about other FNC shows like The Live Desk, Fox & Friends and even some of the weekend shows. If you are available to do those, maybe we could send messages directly to them too. The e-mail addresses for all those shows are on the Fox web site.

What do you think?

Seinfeld's Evil Clone said...

Ms. Rosen,

I thought I'd write a comment, even though I have nothing to say. As soon as I think of something clever, you'll be the first to know. Well, technically, I'll be the first to know, since it's my brain and all, so I guess you'll be the second to know ... assuming you read this immediately after I type it .... ok ... worst case scenario ... you'll be the tenth or eleventh person to know. Of course, I say that with no knowledge of the traffic your blog generates ... number of hits, etc. Tell you what ... when I think of something worth writing about, I'll just send it and whenever you see it ... that'll be just fine with me.

Regards, Et Al


PS - Why doesn't the built in spell check recognize the word "blog"??? This is a blog, after all. I'm confused ... more so than usual.

Ted from Accounting said...

Ted's 1/4 Post Game Wrap:

I can't fu***** believe it! I switched TVs last night and accidentally changed the TIVO channel and then fell asleep during the Forensic guy boring segment!

All I got to say is damn you were like a tiger hunting meat on the African plains! Loved the "runs" wordplay on Greg! Balls? OMG I hope not! Oh, and I'll just say "Bulls on Parade!" I don't think I need to say anything else on that Miss Mosh Pit. :)

Angelica Bridges statuesque? Well maybe if you mean a cosmetically chizzled grill.

I so hope I didn't miss anything important after my TIVO blunder!

Joe, I wrote down that advice! Thanks! I like to pull out insightful comments to inspire my underlings on occasion!


When is four half of five?

Answer: When it's a Roman Numeral F(IV)E

I must go write my email to Fox now.

Did Michael call in sick today...I don't see any Michael posts!

Peace out peeps!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. I had to sleep in today. But, my mother is off today and so I'm going to go spend time with her. (I love my family..ies)
Im trying to purge my negativity today so I can come back with more positivenessness. I have lots to say, (all positive) but I just have to get away from technology for a little bit. Shout out to everyone. Also,Alison, you know I got your back like chiroprac! I'll be writing in soon. I loves me some Ali.


Anonymous said...

Im a 40-something single guy from the SF BAy Area, CA, Im also a guitar player of many years, a artist, cartoonist, and engineer. Im fairly sure my hair is longer than yours.
I think you are the loveliest, prettiest lady I have ever seen on TV. You're smart, quirky, funny....whew....so much talent! Will you marry me?

Moople said...

Good to see you at the table looking sexy!
This is strange but true: I like the shape of your head.
Chris M.

Anonymous said...

Alison-since you are a California native, I thought you might connect with my opinion of today's baseball players under fire for steroids-so here's my take on "most" of them.
I remember vividly back in the late 1960's when SF Giants legend Willie Mays did public appearance commercials on TV warning kids about blasting caps that used to be found at construction sites when the Bay Area was building en masse. A blasting cap (used to detonate dynamite) had the capability to blow off little fingers and hands. At the top of his career, Willie Mays made approximately $4,000 PER YEAR.
Today, we have athletes that make, 5-10-20 MILLION a year and it seems none of them can take 5 minutes out of their day to warn kids not to pick up used meth and heroin needles on the sidewalk, or ...ah...dont pick up that rubber "balloon" that someone threw away.
I dont know of the experiewnce in New York, but in San Francisco these "balloons" are a slip and fall risk like so many banana peels left aimlessly about.
Oh...did I mention needles? Perhgaps the MLB team owners should warn fans to "watch their step" due to the players shooting up before the game!
We need to get kids involved in....PHILATELY! That's it! Baseball is just a "gateway" influence on our youngsters!
Best, Dennis, Redwood City, CA

bradleyejones said...

w00t you were fantastic on the WHOLE show! (sorry for the w00t my nerdy gaming speak gets in the way sometime).

I'm writing Redeye to make you a permanent movie segment and to have you in one of the chairs at least once a week!

Anonymous said...

I'm writing Redeye to make you a permanent movie segment and to have you in one of the chairs at least once a week!

If that ended up happening, I wouldn't miss ANY episodes of Red Eye! I'd make it my mission in life to see every episode of Red Eye at all cost!

Chris B.