Thursday, January 17, 2008

the difference a professional editor can make

I have a fancy reel... because I'm fancy!


joe said...

Excellent! Very nicely done. The sound effects, music and transitional elements make a huge difference.

Anonymous said...

In my best impersonation of Billy Crystal... "You loook marvelouS" I didn't hear a dang word you said, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Matter of fact, I'm gonna stop writing now and watch it again.

La. <-------Okay, I mean I'll stop writing now!

P.S. Ted's gonna go crazy over this. He enjoys you as much as I do. <------Okay, starting now.

seinfeld's evil clone said...

It could use a car chase or perhaps a big dinosaur ... or perhaps a slow motion shot of you firing a machine gun with a giant fireball exploding behind you?

WM said...

i love that tantalizing glimpse of shoulder!

i want to visit alison's shoulder.blogspot, please!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I forgot my manners again. Shout out to spaceagent. I was wondering where you went off to. Good to have you back. I'm gonna go finish watching Mr.O now. Man, he's intense tonight.


Ted from Accounting said...

And the Oscar for best video editing goes to “Ted B. Goodlove.” No, hell no…It goes to Alison “Booya” Rosen! That was awesome! Great job…by far that is the best clip you have done so far. Your intro-seat gesture part is hilarious. Michael you will love it when your audio gets working again! Just an FYI – there is a small & free program called Save2PC that lets you download and save YouTube clips as an AVI file so you can play them in Windows Media Player at anytime.

I’m heading out to dinner…I’ll post another tease later! Oh, along with fan letters, make sure Red Eye sees that clip!

I noticed the shoulder as well but I wasn't going to say anything! Shoulders are so in right now!

Later Gator!

alison said...

Thank you! but I can't take credit for the editing. a professional did this one and watching how he worked was incredibly illuminating. totally different approach than I would have taken! to begin with, he was using final cut pro, which I don't have. I've just been using iMovie which is like a pogo stick to final cut pro's mazerati. or some other metaphor. etc.

Ted from Accounting said...

New Yorkers must love Apple products.

I use Pinnacle Studio and it kind of sucks...I mean the Alison clip I put together to "Build me up Buttercup" didn't turn out very good. J/K

A video expert friend in Costa Mesa uses Final Cut so it really is a good product.


From before:

Must get here
Must get here
Must get here

= 3 Musketeers

Easy one:

What is the best month for a parade?

Hard one:

Why is an island like the letter T?

alison said...

March for the parade one? and as for T... hm. I'm going to sleep on it!

Do you guys know the lightbulb one? there are two rooms. one of them has three light switches, the other has three lightbulbs, but you don't know which bulb goes with which switch. you can do whatever you want to the switches but you must then go into the room wiht the bulbs and figure out which goes with which. (you can't go back into the room with the switches). how can it be done?