Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Interview with Tracy Morgan

First prize for the reader who can identify the factoid I culled from a Red Eye episode (one I watched, not one I was on.) Okay fine, there isn't any prize. But perhaps you'd care to read and guess anyway? Here's the interview.


Ted from California said...

Argh...first I had to look up the word "culled." Then I realized how diffident I am about Red Eye. I'd probably have better luck with a Facts of Life Factoid!

Fortunately or unfortunately, Now I know the history behind the word Gonzo as well! LMFAO

Was he still wearing a monitoring bracelet?

Brent said...

I'm going gonzo on this one...

Anonymous said...

Quote of the Day :

"Can anybody answer me this curious question ? Is BIll o'Reilly related to Baba O'Reilly ?"


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure I could identify the factoid, but I do remember what song he quoted from in the "digging through some records instead." It was from Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg, and another rapper I forget his name. It's a song I like jamming too while cleaning house. Tracy Morgan is a cool dude. Well, Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Have a great day. And Geaux Cowboys!


P.S. Perhaps I should get an honorary mention for naming the song thingie!.

Anonymous said...

I read and reread this interview yesterday. I couldn't glean a factoid from The Redeye.
But I would like to party with Tracy Morgan or Jordan.

Does it have something to do with crazy?


spaceagent said...

Out of 4 factoids I found in the article, I would say the one taken from Red Eye is that Tracy Morgan enjoys taking his shirt off (he says it's one of his patented moves.)