Monday, November 26, 2007

Are you ugly?

If so, please stop making out on the street.

P.S. I'm back and the airplane trip was without incident except ever since I've gotten off the plane I've felt like I'm on a ship. Everything's kinda wavy. Am I the only one who gets this? I used to feel this way after pulling an all-nighter in college. At the time, I would describe the next day feeling as "like a hologram." Not to be cliche, but it makes me think of that old saying: "Out of the airplane, onto the ship, makes you feel like a hologram."


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the flight went well. I think I know the feeling you're talking about. Kind of like how the TV, before cable, used to get the squiggly lines on it.
Or how if you get up too fast, after laying down, then hit your head on something, then stub your toe, then fall over a chair and hit your head again.
I'm always like that.

Clumsy Guy

Ted AKA Slugworth said...

I'm not familiar with that old saying...are you sure it's not the title of a punk band song from the 90s?

A couple of more hours till Red Eye... :)

Oh, by the way, I just watched last night's episode and I find it ironic that I mentioned Oompa Loompas in a couple of my posts to you and "kabloom" Grandpa Joe is in the Gregalogue...Coincidence? I think not...Muhahahahaha, The power of Alison "Golden Ticket" Rosen!

Anonymous said...

This is my first time ever sending a message in a blog . I hope I can do more to express what I feel in the coming posting opportunities we will have in the future.

Dick S. Long, Nevada

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:

"Did I tell you my middle name is Nester ?"

Jack N. Hoff, Idaho

soaceagent said...

A hologram, huh? That's funny, after flying I always feel like a homonym :o)

Nice appearance on Red Eye last nite, Alison! The show is always fun to watch when you're on.

Anonymous said...

After reading the thread, the things that come to mind are some sort of Batman,Titanic,Love Boat analogies. Unfortunately my mind is garbled, and I can't seem to fit these things into a complete thought. So I guess I got nothin'. However, enjoyed the show last night. Always a thrill to see you do your thang! If I didn't get anything out of the show, I at least found out that I need to re-locate. I'm thinking about moving a block from Alison's house. (aahh, thank you!) I hope I don't have to explain that last remark. It would only ruin it.

Now on to new business. Ted, you're not far off the mark with your Red Eye conspiracy. It was only last week, I made a small reference to fruit cake. And low and behold it shows up a few nights later. Conspiracy?... you be the judge. Actually, I think it's kinda cool. Just goes to show that there are those that lurk in the shadows.

P.S. Does anybody else try to make actual words from the letters you have to type in to get your comments posted? I've always liked doing word scrambles. Doesn't take much to entertain me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ali, I tried clicking on the biography thingie and it come up empty. Just thought you should know in case you wanna change it.


alison said...

Okay, try now! (and thanks for discovering this!)

Anonymous said...

Perfectomundo!! Glad to be of service to you.


Ted the Red Eye Critic said...

Good morning fellow bloggers & our gracious hostess with the mostess!

Cowboy Ted's Post Game Wrap: Just keeping it real people!

You did great as usual. The funniest part of the show was when Greg responded to the viewer's email and when you were talking about how far you would travel for sex and Greg said that would suck if you lived in the bad part of town.

Stephanie reminds me of Kerry Howley...always trying to be the smartest person in the room. But much better looking!

What was up with that guy's Paulie impersonation? WTF?

The whole Dr. Bodden thing was strange...I actually felt bad that Stephanie was the only person who laughed at the Corpus Delicti joke. I guess only lawyers and myself liked it.

I was hoping Andy would say, Allison isn't it true that your bloggers refer to you as "Miss Booya?" and in your deep sultry voice would reply, "Why yes, yes they do!" He would then say, "Why is that Allison?" Your reply, "Well, all my bloggers live within one block of my residence." J/K

Yes, Michael, it seems we may be similar to lab rats being experimented on...always being there is one way of finding out: If this word makes it on Red Eye, then our suspicions will be confirmed - "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

There can be no way this would be a coincidence. Actually, I would be flattered if anything that came out my noodle made it on air! :)

Oh, and my word verification was PMOD...but somehow in my mind it looks correct, strange isn't it?


Peace out Peeps! I have a thumb drive to find!

Anonymous said...

Alison Rosen: If sexiness and hotness were a cigarette, I would wrap my lips around her butt, sit back,relax, and enjoy the taste of her. Even if only for a short time!! Wow, now I feel dirty. I gotta go take a shower now.


P.S. my type in letters for this post are.... (vpeelp) The only word I got in there was..."peep."
It's a very sad,sad day when someone has to resort to unscrambling words on a blog approval thingie.

P.S.S. Has anyone noticed that the word, "absolutely" is being over used by people on television? Is this to make them think their more articulate? Whatever happened to just saying, "yes," or "okay." Enquiring minds want to know......

Anonymous said...

Hey Ted, Did you see Alison respond to me? I'll never wash my computer screen again!!


ghhfsk: Whoever is in charge of the letter thingie needs to give me a vowel for heaven's sake. Now you're just being funny.

Hot Seat Canidate Ted Goodlove said...

Yep, I caught that Michael. The jealousy is "absolutely" terrible! I would hit the print screen button, send it to her handlers for an autograph and then Ebay it. I bet it would bring in enough money for a Nintendo WII.

I've never gotten a reply but I'm hopeful that someday, you will see in her recently written articles a Hot Seat with Ted Goodlove sandwiched between Hot Seat with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hot Seat with Val Kilmer.

The saga continues...Gyllenhaal, Maggie appeared in Dangerous Woman, which starred Dooley, Paul who appeared in Telling Lies in America which starred Bacon, Kevin

Kilmer, Val appeared in Batman Forever which starred Chan, Michael who appeared in Quicksilver which starred Bacon, Kevin

The madness...someday, I will solve the mystery surrounding the Six Degrees of Separation....Until then, I will be searching for a bad link on this blog page!

Anonymous said...

It was just my time Ted, it was just my time. We'll just have to ban together and hopefully get Ali to personally respond to you as well. The sky is now bluer. The sun is shinier, the flowers..oh wait it's winter, no flowers. Uh, the trees are more treeier.

Alison Rosen: if sexiness and a beautiful smile were Haley's Comet, I would gladly wait to see her come every 70-75 yrs.


squubx: I got sux, bug, gus.
Thanks for giving me a few vowels oh great one in charge of blog approval.

Ted from the Wonka Factory said...

ROFL, yes, I guess timing is everything in life! I do expect a reply but it will say something like this, "Ok, you jerk! Stop posting so much late at night. I need sleep and I don't have time to read and approve your foolish attempts at humor." :)

Actually a reply isn't necessary, I'm more of a visual person so if Allison could wear a "Ted for President" t-shirt next time she is on Red Eye that would be hot! (I'm tired of those annoying Ron Paul supporters)

Too the question of the day - Does Allison prefer to be called Ali, Miss Booya or Scrumdiddlyumptious the most?

HBWOTKQY = HOT BOT TOY (Sounds like a good Christmas Gift)

Anonymous said...

As for me, I choose to call her Ali. Unless she requests that I don't. I'm not trying to be a wise guy, but Alison has only one L in her name. It took me a few times to get that right. Anyway, have a great night er'body.


lexvywey: Levy, ahhh now another conspiracy.

Ted from Time Out Los Angeles said...

I like the abbreviation Ali as well...I used to date an Alicia who preferred that over the nickname I gave her...Ironic.

Two things of interest to note: First is this post now currently has the most comments of all the others posts in the blog.

Also, I got this big tub of Organic Tapioca Pudding at Costco and just put some in a bowl. Now I'm mixing in a little bit of raw chocolate chip cookie dough...They actually taste good together!

Lastly, to answer the question... No, I'm not ugly! However, I might be biased in this response.

NSIALO = Alison

Ted B. Goodlove said...

Good morning from beautiful southern California...well, it is beautiful if you take away all the traffic, smog and's the people factor that always screws things up...isn't it? I declare the 91 freeway the worst in the nation.

Ok, so I realized that there was another 17 comment post, so this makes 18 which now officially makes this have the most, glad that pressure is off my blogging shoulders.

Now I have a couple of revelations...first, I thought (for some reason) that this blog was only operating for a couple of months...then I discovered the "older posts" tab which made me feel like a pwned newb in a twisted blogger game. Since 2004? What dedication!

***Attention***Attention***Hear Ye Hear Ye

I now announce to her royal heiness Princess Alison M. Rosen that her loyal subject Ted B. Goodlove has uncovered a bad web link for Laura Leu.

Um, where is my reply...there is no reply, I was promised a reply! Ahhhhhh!....(walking away dejected) [Twilight Zone Announcer Voice - "Ted B. Goodlove a man caught up in an endless search for a cyber utopia has yet again fallen into the web trap of someone using their middle initial." [Twilight Zone music plays]

Back to reality - Song Suggestion: Matthew Good Band "21 Century Living." A strange but fascinating & up beat little tune that you probably haven't or would never listen to but once you hear it will be glad for some strange reason that you did!

krdustlj = do you see Kirstin Dunst in this or is it just me? Focus Ted Focus!

alison said...

Ted: thank you for noticing the broken Laura Leu link! Michael: happy bday! everyone: I don't actually get the Biography channel but if anyone out there does and makes a youtube clip send it over and I'll post it! and thanks again for reading and commenting!

jmralls2001 said...

So you feel like Al on Quantum Leap?