Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Showing off my acting chops

Get this, people: my vision is 20/20 and I wasn't really talking to Rupert! I was pretending!


electron john said...

Geez, you're cute with glasses. Smart enough to be a geek.

Welcome to my people!

Anonymous said...

Man, this moving of Red Eye could possibly be the death of the show. For me personally it doesn't matter. I work at home and make my own hours. Nothing that a little medication adjustment can't help. But for the common folk, this is probably a disaster. I'm sure people were already pushing it to stay up that late. At least down in the south and east coast. I hope this survives this. Red Eye is a fantastic show. See ya' in the funny papers!

Michael. "the trend setter".

Anonymous said...

This is way off topic, but can anyone tell me what the hell Soulja Boy is saying in his new song? I don't think anyone will be karaoking that song anytime soon.
Just an observation.

Michael. "the trend setter."

Anonymous said...

Alison, Im curious to know what your thoughts are on the time adjustment to Red Eye.


Jeremy said...

You should wear a blonde wig, if you really want to look like that one on O'Reilly. Though the glasses are a nice touch.

Although for some reason, glasses always look better on women with dark hair. On blondes, it looks dorky. But with black hair, glasses are hot.

rabiddogg said...

I like chops. Especially coated in breading and friend until crispy brown.

Oh and I like Alison Rosen coated in ummm.. a coat and not much else.

Mmmmm.. I am both hungry and aroused. Alison can I come over for Pork Chops?