Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pictures from last week's Red Eye

And here's one from the week before. Now I'm officially wondering what the hell is over to my right, which is interesting since I may or may not be questioning someone tomorrow night during body language about a sideways-esque gesture. Hm.

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spaceagent said...

From what I understand, looking to the left or right is an auditory cue. For example, if you ask someone about something they heard, they will typically look to the side. But some claim looking to the left means the person is visualizing the past while looking to the right indicates the future.

Looking up is visual. Ask someone what the color of their first car was and they will tend to look up to try to picture it. Looking down is supposedly a physical or emotional cue. Do I believe any of this? Not a bit. But I WOULD like to know why Bill Schulz always sits with his arms crossed on the show.