Monday, September 03, 2007


I don't yet have a youtube link to the recent Red Eye appearance because Brent Walquist The YouTube Guru is on vacation but the clips are on Fox's Red Eye site. Scroll down to the little pictures right under "Red Eye On Demand" and you'll see a not particularly flattering one of me, next to the one of Owen Wilson. You'll be able to tell us apart because he has blonde hair and is troubled whereas I have black hair and am free of worry. I think I'm in three of the clips which play consecutively. I'm also in the "Post Game Wrap Up" under Red Eye Regulars. Note: this might change tomorrow when the site is updated. Also: I'm still imagining that I'm seeing mice! I jumped at a broom earlier.

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Eddie said...

Thanks for the heads up with the black hair, blonde hair, but along with bozophobia I am afflicted with Dyschromatopsia (had to look it up, but don't tell anyone), so I am still unable to tell. For some reason that took me back to Zoolander, not because I have ever seen the movie, but the whole I can't read thing. Don't know how I got there but I digress, actually I Eddie. Anywho, two questions: first did you just at the broom or away from the broom and how big are those mice that you have? I mean, a broom sized mouse is a little intimidating. Well, thanks again for the blog, it is always a fun read. Butter your toast.