Saturday, September 29, 2007

animals, books, names

Tonight my sister and I invented a game where you say a pet name and then have to figure out what animal it would go with. For example, Carol is very clearly a parrot. Upon realizing that Jane is a turtle, we began coming up with book titles for a series of books about Jane including A New Home for Jane and my personal favorite, See Jane Eat a Grape. We also settled on Jobs are for Carol, Grapes are for Jane and we aren't quite sure the content, but doesn't it sound educational? And also heartwarming? We think so too.

Should you find yourself wanting to play this game go right ahead but might I suggest you start with another game we invented called Cow, Sheep, Goat? It's where someone says the name of a cheese and then you have to say what kind of milk it's made with. It helps to have an extensive knowledge of cheese, which we lack, hence the game never turned into our own personal Bunko.

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