Saturday, September 29, 2007


In discussing our fictional children's book series (and by that I don't mean the books are fiction, I mean the books are a fiction) with my sister I learned that I had both the title and the premise of one of them wrong. It's Jobs are for Carols, Grapes are for Jane. Meaning jobs are for the birds. I thought it was more like "to each his own" like some people like to work jobs, some like to eat grapes. But I was wrong! It's good I have her here to keep me in line. So anyway, thus far we have: A Turtle Named Jane, See Jane Eat a Grape, Schooltime for Jane and Jobs are for Carols, Grapes are for Jane. The miniseries will be called Jane: Plain and Green. If you are reading this thinking "I don't get it," don't worry. There's little to get. It's more a matter of mild to nonexistent amusement.


Eddie said...

If you are living in a state of nonexistant amusement, what state in the United States are in in? If Jelly is for Smith would that mean that Jane Smith would be grape jelly? Also, what would starberry jelly/jam be? My head is hurting, butter your toast.

electron john said...

Thank God you clarified that, Alison. I thought it was the tequila.

wendy said...

This post reminds me of a little game we played in college about superpowers and, I'm the most beautiful girl in the world, but I have no head...we were very, very high.

Somebody had mermaid legs, and I can't remember if that was the superpower or the drawback.

You're a grape!

alison said...

I LOVED that game! And I totally forgot about it. I think someone had webbed legs. And I think it may have been Ian?