Friday, August 24, 2007

Mousewatch 2007

Dear Mouse,
Please leave my apartment you tiny furry bastard. I was unhappy to find you hanging out brazenly on my stove and slightly disgusted when the sight of me kind of waving my hands in the air and saying "uh....uh.... uh..." while debating whether to try to trap you with an overturned box or hit you with something which I couldn't really do caused you to slither down into the body of the stove. A braver person than I would have actually lifted up the top of the stove but I couldn't do it. Instead I decided all my cooking tonight would happen in the microwave even though I've lost my appetite. Is that you crawling up my leg? This will be the first of twelve thousand times I wonder that. Anyway, enjoy your stove furlough you horrible horrible pointy faced jerk.

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