Friday, August 24, 2007

Links and mice

I've been posting quite a bit on the TONYblog. Maybe you want to read my posts over there? I think you do! Here's today's 1 Thing. It mentions movies and my inspirational prowess and then here's a 1 Thing from Wednesday which mentions Brooklyn and Michael Showalter. And then here's a delightful little post where I busted my coworker for his breakfast trysts. But wait there's also this one! And surely you love this conversation about mumblecore. And some stuff about Fringe. And a very important You Gonna Eat That with Drew Toal.

Also, unrelated except not to me because everything relates to this: I saw a mouse in my apartment last night. If you were anywhere near me a year ago you know how I named the mice last time around with the hopes that I could convince myself that Chad, Rob and Grover were cute uninvited cohabitants instead of horrible frightening vermin. It didn't work. Then a professional exterminator "rodent proofed" our apartment which solved the problem and was the best couple hundred and seventy five I could have spent. Well now a year later those whiskered assholes have chewed their way back in apparently. Or one has. He was hanging out near the foot of my bed seemingly surveying a box of beads which was down there too since the mini-move has put the wrong things in the wrong places. I just hope there's only one of him. Regardless the exterminator is coming out tomorrow morning. I'll be sitting up all night holding a jar of peanut butter, a wedge of cheese and a giant box. Probably a couple magazines, some triscuits, a paddle-ball, a Chinese finger catcher, a Chinese jump rope, some fortune cookies, a Magic 8-ball, an actual eight-ball, two cans of hairspray and a squeegee too.


Anonymous said...

Great job on Red Eye, but again you weren't on there long enough and I think you should be obligated to refer to yourself in the 3rd person the entire time. It will catch on, I promise. While you are waiting for exTerminator 2 (didn't really care for 1 and 3 was some old leathery guy who is less leathery than the 80 year old Rocky or Rambo) are you going to be holding all those things at the same time. Or are you going to have all the stuff in the big box? I would go for the latter. Butter your toast (my new way of signing off)

alison said...

Alison Rosen thinks that's funny.