Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Best Bets 8-4-07

Here's Best Bets, and I'm sorry I haven't posted anything of consequence word wise lately. Would it please you to hear about my allergies? Because I feel like someone rubbed a cat all over me today, which is not a euphemism. I have histamines in places I didn't know were possible. Date me?


Andrew said...

way to mention The Ten ... David Wain is a golden god! Speaking of (sort of) Was Showalter and Ian Black genuinely upset ... that one time? I want to say yes but you had such genuine amazing back and forth with showalter in the first bits I couldn't tell if it was all a joke.

alison said...

It was all a joke but the kind of joke that I wasn't quite in on and the kind that happens between them automatically, instantly and without prior discussion or acknowledgment leaving me feeling uneasy until I listened to it and realized it was more joking than it felt at the time. plus there were discussions of "that was fun" after. and by discussion I mean emails. well, emails with black because he wasn't in the studio and discussions with showalter because he was.

Andrew said...

well kudos on holding your own (playfully) against 2 of the funniest people alive. You are a ninja of amazingness.