Thursday, July 05, 2007

Today's TONYblog 1 Thing

This is not my desk.

Salutations, my little zucchini flowers. My desk is closing in on me but that's really nothing you should concern yourself with, seeing as my inability to keep my workspace neat and orderly is between me and the fire hazard. Okay, what the fuck is going on? Everyone around me is whispering! I'm getting paranoid. Good thing they can't get to me behind this extra sturdy desk fortification. If only I had rearview mirrors on my computer. And a seatbelt for my computer chair. I already wear a helmet, but that's just good sense. And good fashion. And court ordered.

So I suppose you're waiting around for today's hot plans and I'm not one to disappoint. Why don't you take yourself to Equal, That Is, to the Real Itself. And then why don't you watch Ethan and my 1 Thing vlog. It's vlogtastic and vlogpendous and vlogriffic and vlogderful and we talk about the art show I just recommended!

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