Friday, May 08, 2009

chocolate and nostalgia

Hey you guys. I'm so remiss in posting and my head is swirling and my hair smells like chocolate. That's not figurative. It literally smells like chocolate because I got it straightened with actual chocolate. They just squirted chocolate syrup all over my head and then smushed it around. It's all the rage in Brazil apparently. The thing is that I asked them to leave the nuts off and then next thing I know everyone's putting their nuts on my head. And I could do without all these flies, you know?

So I'm starting to get the OC confusion I get when I'm here too long and I start attaching willy nilly like some kind of suction cup that only sticks to things on the West Coast that once were a part of my life. Does that make any sense? I could probably explain better but I'm late to go to dinner with my parents and the guy I went to prom with. See what I'm saying? 

See, for the first couple days I was here I had a head full of New York and was like, What kind of vacation is this if my head hasn't given up all this junk?" And now New York feels so far away it kind of scares me. But then I've been here before and usually once I'm on the plane I'm plunged back into my old life which is my new life but you know what I mean. Unless you don't. Also, I'm not loving "plunged" but couldn't think of a better word.

And do I have a puppy yet? No. 

Anyway, just wanted to say a quick hello. I'll be back to regular blogging and perhaps even being funny very soon, I promise. I miss all of you!


Tim Krahling said...

Did you really say that everyone was putting their nuts on your head?

Christian said...

Are you sure that was an actually Hair Care Procedure and not some hazing ritual gone wrong? How da heck does chocolate straiten hair? I think you got Punked. I would look for Ashton and some camera's.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison,

Do all your hairs smell like chocolate? Can I come over?

Jefferson said...

I wonder what it's like being known only as "the guy Alison went to the prom with." Like Gary Coleman will only be that kid from Diff'rent Strokes (+10 points for knowing where the apostrophe goes. +5 more for knowing how to spell apostrophe), some guy has been typecasted as prom date.

Anonymous said...

"If nostalgia is a cutting-edge knife, you better pack it in your check-in luggage rather than hold it in your carry-on for the rest of the trip.For safety reasons that is..."

Toddrod said...

What is wrong my friend?
Are you feeling sad again?
Is it the sunshine getting you down?
Would some clouds turn around your frown?

What can I do to make you smile?
Maybe it's best to leave you awhile.
But when you are gone, I'm sad too.
One sad person turns into two.

Nobody wants to see two mopey peeps!
Maybe, it's time to go to sleeps.
They say tomorrow is another day.
If it's sunny, lets go out and play.


anthony0358 said...

Oh my gosh
I love the aroma of Chocolate

Plus, I must urge you to adopt a puppy so that you can share a playdate with Diana Falzone's puppy
Bailey can have a new friend!

Joe said...

We all hope you're enjoying your vacation, Miss R. The LAST thing you should be thinking about while you're there is blogging. There's plenty of time to do that when you get back. We'll all still be here for you.

I've always had a tough time coming back from vacation. And the longer the vacation, the tougher it was. A long weekend? Not so bad. A week? I might be a little grumpy. Two weeks? Don't even talk to me the first day back. Grrrrrr....

But a lot of that had to do with just catching up on all the work that accumulated while I was gone. Once that insanity was over, it was BAU (business as usual).

Eric F. said...

I'm gonna have to say that I feel very fortunate to have never had people put their nuts on my head...

Robert said...

Getting your head dunked in chocolate sounds like an enhanced interrogation technique.

Trapp said...

I think chocolate dunking may be a reverse technique: "If you tell us what we want to know, we will dunk your head in the chocolate again."