Sunday, April 12, 2009

Upcoming posts will include

This is one of those blog posts where I write about what I'm going to write about. Like a to do list in a post! Here's what you have to look forward to:

an explanation of why I have two of the world's ugliest digital watches

a discussion of lame air instruments (maybe)

some pictures from Red Eye

a video of Anna and me after Red Eye

videos of Dustin and me

more me me me me me

a veritable me-palooza

a picture of me in the green room of Red Eye plus some screen grabs plus clips

um, there was something else

oh yes! I figured out what kind of dog I want! it's a Bolognese. A dog covered in meat sauce!

sadly I seem to have settled on a dog which not only isn't in shelters but isn't really in America. I mean, it is, but it's a rare breed and super expensive and I'm sure there's a wait list and it's not really realistic and so I won't be getting this dog, I'll just be blogging about it. Damn you, page 47 of the AKC dog book!

it wasn't really page 47, I just made that up because I'm too lazy to go get the book and see what page this dog is on

have I discussed with you guys the way I keep moving the jokes around in my stand up set as if somehow I'm going to find the perfect formula? I'm truly fixing what isn't broken and also driving myself nuts. And when I say fixing what isn't broken that's because obviously my stand up set is perfect as is and very funny. If you were to hear it you would probably die of laughter. You would asphyxiate on hilarity. You would choke on chuckles. You would gag on guffaws. You would triangulate on titters. If you were to recover you would probably point out that triangulate on titters makes no sense but you wouldn't have a chance to recover because you'd be laughing too much.

Is there some kind of game going on? I hear game type cheers.

oh and Happy Easter!


WFG said...

When I think of this Holy Day, I don't think "he is risen." I thihk "she is Rosen" and my soul becomes purified and lifted.

Joe said...

I love coming attractions!

ufamizm said...

Wow, I guess I spend too much time in restaurants. i see bolognese dog and all I can picture is a hot dog smothered in a veal and pork meat sauce(only francese is a better italian sauce). I need to seek professional help!

Toddrod said...

I really liked this post, but didn't find much reason to respond to it because they are topics that you will eventually get around to writing. However, you haven't written them yet, so I've decided to come here to nag you.

Alison! Write something already! (you must really be busy/lazy as of late)


Ted from Accounting said...

Hey you forgot:

Comment of the Week goes to Ted!