Monday, April 20, 2009

rain; brains

First of all I feel that didn't accurately emotionally prepare me for this onslaught of rain. "Showers"? It's more like, um, what are really strong showers? Hoses. It's hoses out there. Maybe even hoses with the spray attachment.

Second of all, check this out! There's hope for the truly lazy! Some mornings I'll sit at my computer and wish I could click on things without having to use my hands. I'm not even sure why. Probably because they're otherwise occupied holding a duckling or playing cat's cradle. Well, good news for me!


Brett Jones said...

you're little summer squall is heading my way. they're thinking 2-3 inches over tuesday.

we need it though. spring has not yet sprung and we've had a 7-10 day stretch of dry weather. there's lots of dry fuel in the fields and woods. we're starting to get out of control woods and grass fires.

The real question though, what in the world happens to your hair in a monsoon? Is it a tragedy or can you pull it off?

Anonymous said...

"What you doin’ on Green Week ?:

Make an article with a picture of the Grinch on the cover wearing a Green Santa Suit entitled, how the Grinch stole Green.

Turn off the lights to tell PLanet Earth how much you love her and then you two make out with romantic candles burning all through the darkness.

Bring a surprising jolt to your friends by wearing a green contact lens and ask them what they see. They should then respond, with "Well I see a person with a GREEN EYE. And then you say, "That's right, you are seeing a person with a GREEN EYE !"

Make an episode of Captain PLanet where Captain PLanet himself tells other well known super heroes how to protect what's left of the planet. IN one scene, Captain Planet urges Batman to swtich to a hybrid Batmobile. After Batman captures a villian on a high speed chase, Batman thanks Captain PLanet and says "I not only save Gotham city, I think for one moment I saved the whole world all at once."

alison said...

There was a request for me to make appearances in the comments section and that my little internet biscuits, is a request I can pull off.

My hair gets bigger and fuzzier in the rain. It's not a great look and I implore you, Nature, to knock this off. That said, I manage to look ravishing pretty much always, so it's not that big a deal.

Goldgrinch said...

First off...I will not steal maybe...but not green. I love goooooooooold.

Second...Alison should throw an
80's party every time it rains heavy so her frizzy hair will be all that. Besides can see some of your friends in spandex. That's priceless (specially when their pics wind up on

Scott said...

"My hair gets bigger and fuzzier in the rain"Don't tease me! You HAVE to post a picture of you with BIG hair, preferably w/ bangs. :)-

BIG hair rocks--don't fight it. ;)

Remember that one VLOG where you were talking about your hair and fluffed it around and it got all big and disheveled and you said you were doing, "Follicular Humor", and instantly about 50 guys commented on how sexy you were and professed their love for you?

That's the power of BIG hair, you were blessed at birth..share the blessing. ;)

Ted from Accounting said...

Always nice to see you in the comment trenches Alison!

I could totally see you as one of those weather reporters during a hurricane:

News Desk: Okay, now let's go to our Alison Rosen reporting from the Florida Keys...

Alison - "on the air live" (holding her hair): Fuck you wind....I curse you rain go away! This shit is not good for my hair!!!!!

News Desk: Ummm, thanks Alison!

Toddrod said...

Yep, I like when you make replies to people's comments to your blog posts. It's almost proof that you read what we are actually postin!


anthony0358 said...

I think you must look adorable with the big hair

How does Anna David deal with all this rain

Joe said...

Hey Alison, internet buscuit #1 here...

Horray!!! You posted a comment!! I'll be smiling all week long now!

I heard the NYC area got some pretty heavy rain yesterday. I think we're getting a little of it where I am this morning.

Do you remember the song They Call The Wind Mariah from the movie Paint Your Wagon? There's one line in the song that goes, "The rain is Tess, the fire's Joe and they call the wind Mariah."

A woman I used to work with liked to mock that song. Whenever it was raining out she'd pop her head in my office and say, "Wow, it sure is Tessin' outside!" or "We sure don't need no more Tess!" And it would always crack me up.

Trapp said...

I like Ted's idea of Alison as the weatherperson, where the main theme is always how the weather impacts her hair.

I also like the concept of the irritable weather person in general. They're always too nice.

Imagine the newsreader saying, "Looks like there's going to be rain, huh?", and they'd be like, "Well, what do you expect??? It's gotta rain sometimes, you know! Whatta you think, every day's gotta be sunny because you say so???"