Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Q&A vlog


4 the Love of Prototype said...

Yeah, Didn't really expected that. Now I have another reason to feel intimidated when interacting with you. Like, I'd have to think twice before I say or write something in fear of getting a "You know what? Go fuck yourself!" or "You're an ass(hole)!" Hell, who knows how many times you've said that in your mind already!

Thanks for vlogging, Alison!

peter said...

You were awsome on red eye!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You were awesome!
Youre the best so F..K the rest.

Jerry said...

Ok I saw you o red eye and I was like she is kinda hot, a lil dark but hot! Then I watch your vlog and I was like ok your hot!! That was it Im sure you get that all the time but first from me!

Trapp said...

I'd say that question warranted the GFY response.

Meanwhile, I suffer overwhelming feelings of little duckling guilt over my joke name in the other post.

My email inbox has been flooded with complaints and threats. This morning my car was covered in duck poop.

I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it! I love little ducklings! DO YOU HEAR THAT WORLD??? I LOVE CUTE LITTLE DUCKLINGS!!!!!!!


Great on Red Eye, as usual, Alison.

Kurtis said...

was just watching redeye on a bit of delay, and couldn't stand it any longer, I paused redeye to come check out your vlog first. awesome as usual. Which brings up the question if all your vlogs are awesome then what word do I use when you post one that is super awesome. I only ask because I generally have poor verbal skills and hate that my go to improvement over awesome is to put super in front of it. I know i could use a thesaurus and find a super better word than awesome but that would take the fun out of posting a rambling awesome comment.

Toddrod said...

Alison, I think you are too hot. Your followers are all dudes! It's like a total sausagefest here at !!! Ted, maybe Alison needs to recruit more chicks? What happened to Breeaaaannnaaaa??


P.S. You kicked ass on Red Eye! I liked how you talked over Greg and took control. He liked it too. So did Bill. I think Andy liked it too, but he wasn't on camera so who knows what he was doing.

Joe said...

Fantastic Red Eye appearance, Alison! You make up for the somewhat long, rambling responses from Andrew. I like Andrew, but last night I think he had a tough time focusing.

And how clever of you to wear a top that would best camouflage Pinch's string! At times it looked like the little guy was really talking.

And yes, it did look like you had a cowlick on your forehead. But a cute cowlick.

Have you picked out a name for your little duck friend yet? I bet you named him Buzz and just don't want to tell us. Yep, it's gotta be Buzz.

info said...

Don't mind the bollocks,

I love your lower lip. In fact your upper lip is awesome too.

Love you on Redeye

Take care


Das Dream said...

Ok I have been mezmorized every since I saw your lips so i dont understand why anyone would insult them. Their perfect in my opinion and as for the dog thing hehe.....should i say it?......ok...Girls say guys are dogs so.."woof woof"...I'll be your do...nevermind that joke wasnt even funny in my head. Nice Vlog

simpleLOGOstudio said...

Ha. IT IS a total sausagefest. Who cares.

The Vlog DID, however bring up the answer to my question: 'everygirl quality' is hilarious/kiss-assy and RIGHT on all at the same time.

Yay. Alison Rosen.

I'd say that I was "tooting a kazoo" right now, but that just sounds wrong.

shmu said...

marry me