Monday, April 13, 2009

Look who's on page 80 of Life & Style!

Hint: it's me! Look, there I am!

Also, I'm drinking diet rootbeer even though just a few days ago I said I didn't like it but apparently now I do. In the words of Anna, when I explained to her that I can think I don't like something and then all of a sudden change my mind, "Well now I feel like I can't trust you!" Indeed!

Anyway, click on the above to enjoy my somewhat amusing face. Oh, and some words.


Toddrod said...

It took me only a minute to nag you to write something, and boom! You bust out with a celebrity commentary type thingy. I love the woman's legs in the middle. I even think her outfit is appropriate for Univision.


Scott said...

Right on! I'm gonna pic up that issue.

btw~A&W Diet Root Beer is the BEST!

Falkenhayn said...

Very off subject and prolly best left for vlog but may not be here then..... so question Eva or Evan Longoria?

Anonymous said...

" There is a stack of cash lying on my window and I'am wondering if it's a hallucination or a sign regarding how much I could save if I switch to Geico. (Somebody's watching me). "

Joe said...

Congrats Alison!!

Also - I have no idea who those people are. And I'm glad.

Ted from Accounting said...

What little internet dipthongs! If I was at one of those speed dating events, those three would show up at my table!

Trapp said...

Yes, congratulations. And you got the top slot on #3!

You definitely made the right choice of head shot. It's perfectly appropriate for the page.

I'm afraid my own reaction to each of the photos is the same: "Yikes!"

Very scary.

Goldgrinch said...

I think the relatives of Juliette Lewis will be thankfull you were so gentle.

Goldgrinch said...

...but whose the guy on the left?