Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When histamines attack

So it's day 2 of crazy allergies from hell and so far I'm doing pretty well. Except for that rhyme which was unintentional and I hate it. Also, I'm in need of a manicure, girlfriends! I haven't had one since I was maybe 17? Can you believe I've been wearing the same coat of nail polish since I was 17? If this nail polish could talk it would say... "I'm really old." It might also say things that are more clever if my head wasn't filled with cotton and my mucous membranes weren't ready to attack. Have you ever been attacked by a mucous membrane? It only happens in England. Here you can be attacked by a mucus membrane. Anyway, it's runny and disgusting and I think I'm going to make myself barf if I keep up with this.

I'm sorry, this is yet another post which didn't live up to it's post potential. Its postential. And now I'm off to get lunch with a writer with whom I've been planning to get lunch for about two years. Two years! I hope she hasn't been at the restaurant this whole time.

Also... wait no, I'll just tell you later.


Ted from Accounting said...

"I've been wearing the same coat of nail polish since I was 17?"

--- I have the same problem...don't judge me Todd! Damn you!

Toddrod said...

Hey Alison, you were mentioned briefly in the 404. Natali Del Conte was in for Justin, and they got to talking about Red Eye, and all the great guests they have, and of course your name was mentioned.

Thought you'd like to know.


Toddrod said...

Ted has the same hairspray from when he was 17 years old too! He also hasn't washed his Cameo concert tshirt from his 1984 tour too!



Joe said...

Todd, Alison's narcissism level just shot up 4 points.

Steve Spagnuolo said...

Take the damn Benadryl.


Now you have ads on your blog about taking the SAT.

I call that an improvement!

Its very Spring-y here in my area. Too bad you can't get away for a weekend trip to where I am. Would you ever be entertained here.


Looking forward to the next Q&A vlog!


Dan said...

Also, humourous posts occur in England, while humorous posts occur in America.

Pffft, my dad still wears his Dukakis in '88 shirt to work every day. Granted that's what he calls his days in the mental hospital.

Ted from Accounting said...

I hope you are feeling better Ro RO! My allergies have been horrible as well!

Dustin Goot said...

Postential! Even when you're off your game, the Rosen wordplay still shines through.

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out that you used "it's" when you should have used "its", right before you used "its" properly.

Anonymous said...

" I did not write that anonymous comment above, it's someone else. As you see, I use quotation marks at the beginning and end of my sentences."

Robert Giampa said...

Remember when Fahey went through his nail painting phase? Awkward. Oh wait, I did it too, to try and get some sexs from the ladies. Not awkward!