Sunday, March 22, 2009

sleep, movies, narcissism

Sometimes I'm just sitting there and a brilliant idea will come to me. I'm sure you know how it is. Just kidding, I'm sure you don't, but I didn't want to alienate you. It's cool, we can pretend we're on the same level.

Anyway, earlier I was just sitting there thinking that I feel really sleepy and that I really haven't felt AWAKE in months which is weird and what's that about and then I was thinking that if I were to make a commercial for a sleeping pill I would make the slogan... ok here it comes... get ready...

To sleep... perchance to sleep?

It's probably been done already.

Unrelated, I once received a promotional lavender filled sleep mask-shaped pillow thing (when you work at a magazine you receive all sorts of weird stuff) and it said "Goodnight wrinkles" on it. I think it was promoting a dermatologist or eye cream or something so it made sense that as a music critic, I received it. Anyway, I remember my sister was holding it and put it on her eyes and as she was doing so said "Goodnight wrinkles... see you in the morning!" It still cracks me up.

Last night said sister and I saw I Love You, Man! which I could see again right this minute. I recommend it highly. It was cute and sweet and silly and smart and silly and cute and sweet. Am I repeating myself myself?

Also, I'm sleepy.

I'm doing Strategy Room tomorrow so I need to read up on all the entertainment stories. That's really what I should be doing now. Right now. Also... um... dammit I had something else to say.

Anyone see Grey's Anatomy on Thursday? Gross. And sad. But that wasn't what I was going to say.

Oh yes! I remember. The lovely Anna David made a video where she talked about taking Dr. Drew's narcissism quiz. I scored 13 which was a surprise to me and also a surprise to myself and also to me. I'm wondering how you guys score? I'm also, like Anna, wondering about the accuracy of the test because in many cases you're given two choices and neither feels right. Anyway, I found a link to the quiz here.


Toddrod said...

I took the quiz and I know what you mean about the questions. It's like the choices don't really fit me in all regards. So I decided to take the test twice. The first time I took the test, I really took some time to think about my answers. I scored 15. Then I took the test quickly, with just a little thought about my answers. On the second test, I had some different answers, but again, I scored 15. Weird huh?


Christian said...

In College as on of my psychology classes, I took a class on making these tests. The problem with them is that they almost have to be totally ambiguous as to not try to skew the results one way or the other. The problem with these kind of standard tests as they have to be given to massive amounts of people to help even out the swings in the answers.
That said I took the test and came up with a 13 myself, but it definitely could have gone higher or lower.

Anonymous said...

"Hey ALison, are you going to watch the Family Guy episode tonight were Lois lands a job as a news reporter for FOX News. Her first assignment is to shoot an investigative exposé on Michael Moore, but when her story implicates a conservative radio host she gets fired ?"

Joe said...

I scored 65 out of a possible 40.

I don't know, I'm always a little skeptical of tests like these. When you read each question, you know which answer will give you a higher score, so it's tough to be honest - especially on questions that are close.

BTW, good luck on the Ford Fiesta thing. Judging by a few other videos I watched, you should be a shoe in.

Ha... I just looked up the origin of the term "shoe in". It says the term "dates back to 1928 when a 'shoo in' was a horse that was expected to win a race, not by virtue of its speed or endurance, but because the race was fixed. The sardonic 'subtext' of the original usage, now lost, was that the designated horse would win even if it were so lackadaisical in its performance that it simply wandered somehow up to the finish line and had to be 'shooed in' to victory."

Goodnight wrinkles.

MR said...

I got a 22.

Maybe they should have a special version of the test for special born leaders like me.

The test does seem to have its drawbacks though, like:

A. Being an authority doesn’t mean that much to me.
B. People always seem to recognize my authority.

What if I'm just a natural authority, and it comes easily to me, so doesn't mean that much? I could select BOTH A and B.

Also, if I claim to want to achieve great things for the benefit of others, and not myself...that is not really your run-of-the-mill narcissism, but, really full blown messianic apotheosis. (And what's wrong with that?)

Oh well, time to go gaze at my reflection.

Trapp said...

Maybe you're tired because of your sleeping habits. Humans weren't wired for the crazy hours we keep.

I've never heard anyone use "Perchance to sleep." You never know.

I got a 10 on the test. As people have said, there are all kinds of variables that could impact the results, particularly knowing the purpose of it.

I don't know if it's really intended to be a measuring test for the masses. It's seems more like a way to identify the people who won't labor over the choices, the real narcissists.

It Takes Balls said...

I think I know why you can't sleep. Cathy's teeth. *shudders*

I scored a 9. Horribly unscientific quiz. Does thinking I'm qualified to critique the quiz make me narcissistic?

Andrew Ironwood said...

I scored a 13 too.

However, I do have enuff of a psychology background to know that (if I were taking something like this as part of a job interview, or to keep meself out of the looney bin) the choices that include either of the words ALWAYS or NEVER are nigh-unto-invariably the wrong ones to pick [unless you're pleading insanity, of course, of course...]

Scott said...


Since I refuse to Tweet--If you do VLOG tonight, I had a question for you I wanted to add:

If you only could have one Child would you rather have a Boy or Girl?

Ted from Accounting said...

Well, I sent my first Twit questions but I don't think I made it in time! I just have crappy timing! LOL

Since Twitter doesn't allow me to type very many characters and we all know that I'm a long winded is another question for you:

Let's say you had your own talk show on television and were making millions of dollars a year...then decided to have the RosenFan Club luncheon on a tropical island...unfortunately, the private jet carrying all of your bloggers and you crashed on a deserted island.... (no injuries but all of our clothes and luggage was lost)

Now here is the question:

Which of your bloggers do you believe would lead the group back to safety or civilization and why? Also, which blogger do you feel would thwart efforts to make it back home?

warren the turd said...

i scored 6.Honestly.But that fact proves this test is flawed.The reason i know is when it asked,"do you think someone should write your biography?"i thought,who on earth would want some incompetent moron to write MY autobio!I am narcissist enough to think that you are all thinking I'm perfect for that job.Peace and everyone be honest with eachother.I don't know what that meant.I was trying to end a vlog while on the level..pretending to be everyone at once.

WFG said...

E-mail sent to Anna:

"I scored a 5, assuming I took the correct test.

I matched with the average person on questions 14, 16, 18, 24 and 29.

ReflectiveBore (Twitter)/WFG (the Activity Pit)."