Thursday, March 19, 2009

Puppies please!

In a blatant attempt to see if I can alter the ads that are appearing on this page (for fear that un-delightful things will become associated with me as a commenter pointed out) I'm going to craft some sentences with images I'm okay with including puppies, babies, rainbows, hot chicks, hot dudes, surfboards (?), panda bears, baby panda bears, bitchin' rides, stylish shoes, BOOBS (may as well get some hot SEO action on here), Olson twins, Britney Spears, AIG, Madoff, Obama, top search terms, twitter, Hugh Dancy, coffee

That wasn't even a sentence.


Toddrod said...

Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai, Vegas, flip flops, Bada Bing, Swim, sunglasses, Cabo San Lucas, tequila, geckos, San Diego, beaches, coconuts

David B said...

Female body odor, cellulite and birth control, one of these ads don't really belong with the other two. If you have two of these you probably won't need the third. Yea, boobs would be a good search word for your ads along with Hawaii and Vegas.

Brett Jones said...

Oh, Alison. This is like leaving a pie on the window sill while Yogi Bear is around.

valtrex, clamidia, herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, flatulence, not so fresh smell, toe jamb, foot fungis, halitosis, dirty socks, bikini wax, brazillion wax, hersute men, big gay bears, Bill Shulz, twinks. And in closing Alison Rosen.

Word Verification: heachou

A phonetic spelling of my sneezes.

Twitter Twit Nitwit said...

Hope this helps!

s.e. cupp, diana falzone, sheyla almeida, sheyla hershey, sabrina sabrok, boobs, huge boobs, tits, mammoth tits, mary-kate olson, ashley olson, mary-kate & ashley olson, jessica simpson, andrew wk, santos party house, santospartyhouse, party hard, jenna, jenna jameson, cherie lily, bree olson, bikini, bikini wax

Trapp said...

This doesn't seem to be helping. And I'm so delighted that they include graphic photos.

Maybe if we click a lot on any ads that we don't mind, it will produce similar things?

It would be horrible if you couldn't blog about anything food related anymore, for fear of these ads.

Ted from Accounting said...

Nice to see Alison list "Boobs" before I did!

I like your avatar Trapp!

Joe said...

I'm still seeing the same types of ads. I'm afraid you've been typecast by Google.

Although I did see this...

Collapsed Trachea
Herbal Formula Guranteed To Work
Coughing, Gagging Help

I'm sorry... if my trachea collapses, I'm headed to the emergency room. I'm not waiting a week for something to arrive through the mail while I slowly aspirate to death.

I thought for sure the Brain Socks post would generate some new ads for things like brain surgery, lubotomies, spanx, shapewear, compression hoisery... you know, fun stuff.

Instead I'm getting:

Who the heck is Jessica, and why is she so concerned about cellulite???

Falkenhayn said...

Did I get my dates mixed up or was I hanging out in the twilight zone last night? Alison looked and sounded amazimgly like Natali Del Conte on Redeye (not that that is an entirely bad thing).

JimK said...

Farts, stinky feet and skunks. That's what Google thinks of your blog, Alison:

Andrew Ironwood said...

Kittens, toddlers, pots of gold, Kentucky Fried Chicken, paper bags on fire, waterboarding, bamboo shoots, exploitation video, Camaros, Sex and the City, rare birds, Hilton sisters, Christina Aguilera, LBJ, D. B. Cooper, Blue Moon of Kentucky, America's Next Top Model, Woody Woodpecker, Hugh Hefner, Red Bull and vodka...

Trapp said...

Joe, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

I want this herb that uncollapses your trachea in my medicine cabinet by the bandages and hydrogen peroxide. I'm sold.

Tired of those unseemly tracheotomy scars? Who isn't!


I'm afraid that this is going to have to be my last comment with the Geraldo avatar. No, he hasn't sued me, but I can only take so much of his mug. It's a pity, though. This is the perfect Geraldo avatar. He looks so jolly, and happy to be here.