Friday, March 06, 2009

Please enjoy my obnoxious attempts to monetize this site

See those ugly ads? And that fugly search box to the right? And that donate button? I would like to make a living doing what I love—thinking about myself and sometimes blogging and recording videos—and so I'm trying to get on this monetizing money train.

How do I feel about this? Well first of all I hate the word monetize. It's not even word! It's like "Hey, I'm going to obnoxiate right now. Then I'm going to showerize and maybe later I'll conversate."

But yeah, times are tough and so this blog must suffer. Care to click on all those ads? Do it!

In other news, I'm on Red Eye tonight. I'm going to paste ads all over myself.


Toddrod said...

Honestly Alison. The ads sorta just get ignored when I come to your site every day. It's kinda like the other things I've seen already, so I just tune it out. But if you can make some $$ to help pay the plant food bills, I say do what you gotta do. ALSO, since it seems like most of your followers are men, what you really need is to sell Alison Rosen TShirts!! I would like a XX-Large if you go that way.


Joe said...

As long as we don't have to suffer through a 60 second ad for Mighty Putty I think you're fine.

Trey said...

You should just wear nothing but advertisements and gratuitously labeled clothing on Red Eye. Maybe a shirt with a huge Paypal Donate button right in the center as your Pièce de résistance.

Selling Shamwows during Red Eye would be a good way to monetize, as well. Just a thought.

Lew Moore said...

"I'm going to paste ads all over myself."

Sweet...just like on NASCAR (which is car racing apparently and by the way)...Andy will approve as he is some kind of rare NYC NASCAR fan.

I don't see the ads as I have Ad-Blockitized my browser but may well click on the donate button at some the regular laughs and merriment you provide do have a value to me.

JimK said...

I'll pay you///// "donate" to get me 25 new followers on Twitter. Like...$7.50 sound cool? I mean...okay, $9. I can't go higher than nine. But for nine bucks I expect you to pretend we're BFF. I want 140 characters of pure unadulterated gushing.

Okay ten bucks. TEN WHOLE DOLLARS. Come on. In this economy, no one can afford to say no to ten dollars. You could buy half of a lunch for that!

No? Fine. FINE. I'll your ads then. FINE.

No, I'm fine. It's fine. Nothing's wrong. It's fine. I'm drinking because I enjoy the taste.

Brett Jones said...

I want an "Alison Rosen showing some skin" calendar. By skin I mean 2" x 2" closeup photographs of unidentifiable areas of your skin. January could be the back of your hand. April your knee cap. July is of course thigh month.

Yes, and odd silly (creepy?) request, but it would amuse me.

Lord Melchior said...

Everything's monetized these days. Even hobos are getting in on it:

Why not <---available domain name

You could incorporate product placements into your videologs and recollections of childhood and whatnot.

Trapp said...

Whenever I come here, I'm going to use the google search bar to search for "Alison Rosen."

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

It's ok, Ali$on. We don't mind that you sold out. We understand.

Aww...I'd donate, but that button doesn't seem to accept raccoons.

Christian said...


I knew this day would come. When Alison would sell out to the MAN. To become another corporate shill of the blogosphere. Next thing we will see her doing Infomercials at 3 am selling "The Rosenator" the essential way to win that war against fat thighs and kitchen mold. "See that Camera Guy? I have Thighs of Steel, and all the mold around my kitchen is GONE!"

I for one will only order 1 when it comes out cause I really need to sculpt my thighs for bikini season.

MR said...

Hey Ali,

These Ads probably aren't the best format for you.

Check -

Notice how their entire blog is promoting the Kardashian show. That's the best way to 'monetize' running a talk-show web site. also is known to promote Vitamin Water in full page displays, now promoting adidas on the side.

I wouldn't put your bets on Pay per click. Remember, you don't really want people to LEAVE your page and click out.

Something like might be better for you.

You need a sponsor!!!

Also, it's never too early to start building a mailing list.

Ever thought of being a motivational speaker? Sign me up.

Good luck on Red Eye tonight.