Saturday, March 07, 2009

Kiersey Pretention Sorter

Choose which answer you most identify with:

I tend toward
a) cravats
b) pocket watches
c) reading texts in the language in which they were written

I prefer to speak
a) on a rotary phone
b) on the latest piece of cutting edge technology
c) French

When a friend comes to me with a problem, I
a) quote Kierkegaard
b) thaw some Kobe beef, order up an 8 ball and make a night of it
c) think to myself, What Would Sartre Do?

a) is something which inspires wars
b) is something which inspires poetry
c) is something I feel when I hear myself speak

Going to a restaurant is a chance
a) to show off my extensive knowledge of fine cuisine
b) to show off my extensive knowledge of fine wine
c) to order in Italian

One should always
a) drink champagne when one has the opportunity
b) love as if there is no tomorrow
c) cry after sex

a) is good for the soul
b) is good for the spirit
c) is something I refer to as "going on holiday"

My guilty pleasure is
a) Shostokovich
b) Reading something in translation
c) Anais Nin

a) organic yoghurt
b) bulgar
c) something I shot on safari along with two fresh eggs from my own egg-laying chicken


Toddrod said...

All this pretense is just very confusing to me. I'm not sure if I'm impressed with Alison for knowing how to be so pretentious, or if I'm afraid because she secretly is a superficial wannabe Leona Helmsley in the making.

Toddrod the Meringue

Anonymous said...

Loved this Alison. Enjoyed talking Myers Briggs types with you as well! From one ENFP to a former ENFP! Actually I find acronymns pretentious as well. Cheers!
-KU9S29 from Twitter & Red Eye